Yankee Girl

YGTV_EP18_St. Martin

Yankee Girl TV goes to St. Martin and shares the experience and helpful tips with viewers. Michelle and VGG go on the same audition.

Polar Plunge NY-CT Stew Lerrigno

Yankee Girl heads back home to participate in the 2013 Special Olympics NY "Polar Plunge" fundraiser, while VGG interviews her first live Celebrity, Stew Lerrigno, from "The Incredible BULK" on Coffee Talk. Also, the making of "Yankee Girl TV's" theme song.

Yankee Girl TV - Whale Watching - Madness Moplin

Yankee Girl TV Host Michelle Spaziano is amazed as she goes whale watching in Cape Cod, discovers wild sea lions and is extremely excited to interview her first celebrity, "Madness Moplin."