Whats Left

Whats Left - for November `17 to 23

This week, episode 39 of Whats Left has a holiday special: The story of the so-called "First Thanksgiving" based on actual historical sources. That takes up most of the show.

Whats Left - for October 13 to 19

This week, episode 35 of What's Left has some Good News relating to LGBTQ rights, some Not Good News about the Dakota Access Pipeline case, an Outrage of the Week on the backlash against NFL players taking a knee, a new feature called We Are Not Alone, and more!

What's Left for August 11 to 17

This week, episode 31 of What's Left has Good News about continuing protests, is Outraged by attempts to restrict First Amendment rights, and at a time when the risk of nuclear war is again in the news, takes a look at the start of the nuclear weapons age in 1945.

What's Left for July 21 to August3

This time, episode 29 of What's Left has some tempered Good News, a Clown Award, and an extended look at voter suppression. What's Left is news and commentary from a member of the nonviolent radical American left. We invite questions and comments via message here or at whoviating@aol.com.