Usually Reserved

Usually Reserved

Curtis Robinson talks with Portland State Representative Diane Russell about the upcoming session of the State Legislature

Usually Reserved with guest Jennifer Bailey

Curtis invites attorney Jennifer Bailey of ILAP to discuss the issues of immigration, immigration law and asylum.

Usually Reserved with guest Bob Higgins

Curtis invites guest Bob Higgins a writer and political blogger.

Usually Reserved with guest Steve Hewins

Curtis invites guest Steve Hewins from Portland's Downtown District.

Usually Reserved with guests Dennis Bailey and Peter Monro

Curtis and guests Dennis Bailey and Peter Monro discuss the development of Bayside area and it's implications.

Usually Reserved with Joshua Wojcik

Curtis and guest Joshua Wojcik discuss the LIHEAP project and other things that can be done to reduce heat loss in a home of which would be a much better approach to affordable heating of your home.

Usually Reserved with Diane Russell August 2013

Curtis Robinson and Rep. Diane Russell discuss issues at the State House.

Usually Reserved

Curtis talks with Sara and Karl Sutton of the 'Bite Into Maine' food truck to talk about how Portland's regulations are working

Usually Reserved with Susan Giambalvo - January 2013

Curtis invites Susan Giambalvo, program director for Center for Grieving Children to discuss how parents can talk to their children about tragic events.

Usually Reserved with Diane Russell Nov 2012

Curtis and Diane discuss issues of politics and how they affect everyone.

Usually Reserved special at the Democratic Convention 2012

This edition of 'Usually Reserved' was filmed down in Charlotte NC at the Democratic Convention.

Usually Reserved with Diane Russell July 2012

Curtis Robinson, owner & editor of Portland Daily Sun, is joined by Maine State Representative Diane Russell.

Usually Reserved - April 2012

Curtis Robinson's guests Mayor Brennen talks about issues presents and future that will effect the development of the City of Portland.

Usually Reserved with Peter Alexander - January 2012

Curtis Robinson, founder and editor of the Portland Daily Sun, invites Peter Alexander, director of New England Coasts Habitat Restoration for a discussion about the state of the environment of the North East and the restoration work that needs to be done.

Usually Reserved

Curtis Robinson, owner and editor of Portland Daily Sun, is joined by Nigel Stevens & Patrick O'Connor from Occupy Maine.

Usually Reserved

Join Curtis Robinson and guest Diane Russell, Maine State Representative, for another addition of 'Usually Reserved'

Usually Reserved

Curtis and guest Ted O'Meara, consultant, will be talking about Portland's Mayoral Race.

Usually Reserved

This month Curtis Robinson looks at Portland's parking problems with John Peverada, Manager of the City's Parking Division,

Usually Reserved

This month Curtis and guest, Chris Busby of the Bollard, will reflect on the past of Hunter Thompson and Gonzo journalism.

Usually Reserved

In this issue Curtis invites a local graffiti artist on his show to talk about graffiti and how is is being viewed by Portland Officials and Merchants.