TV Show

TV Show

The latest episode of TV Show from Creative Trails

TV Show

A variety TV show from the Shoot Media Project and Bomb Diggity Arts.

Creative Trails - Block Parth 2011

Coverage of Creative Trails 2011 Block Party on Congress Street

TV Show - Episode 3

An intriguing and imaginative mix of interviews, sketches and animation. This episode features an interview with a firefighter, dance class, Memories of Nanna and much more.

The Kidnap - 1930s Spy Movie

A classic 1930's Film Noir spy movie produced by the Bomb Diggity Arts program and the Shoot Media Project

TV Show - Episode 2

The second edition of this clever and well produced project from Bomb Diggity Arts and the Shoot Media Project. It combines short documentaries with comedy, animation and interviews all put together in an innovative way.