Turning of the Wheel

Turning of the Wheel - Mars

Turning of the Wheel ~ Why Mars Matters In this segment astrologer, Chris Flisher explains why Mars is such an important figure in the astrology chart of an individual. Watch and learn. You may be surprised at why Mars is so important. This is the planet that motivates you. What motivates you? Know this and you'll know yourself. When you know what motivates a person, you have a much deeper appreciation for that person, including yourself.

Turning of the Wheel Learning Prediction

Can anyone predict the future? Is this a skill that can be learned? And if so, how? Renowned psychic and tarot card reader, Jeanne Mayell, speaks with host and astrologer, Chris Flisher about our innate ability to learn how to predict the future. In this segment, Chris discovers the technique and the skill and practice required to see what's around the bend.

Turning of the Wheel Geometry of Astrology

Whether we stop to examine the precision of an eclipse in which the Moon at 250,000 miles away from earth blocks the Sun which is 93 million miles away or whether we see the perfect 5-pointed star that Venus makes as it circles the cosmos we can not deny the presence of geometry in our world. Even the angles we use to gauge the impact of a transit are also based on precise degree patterns of 60, 90, 120, and 180 degrees. These and countless other alignments are the very basis of astrology and allow us to understand the greater logic at work with the cosmos. In this segment, your host and astrologer, Chris Flisher discusses this topic with fellow astrologer and author, Arielle Guttman.

Turning of the Wheel The Midheaven

The term "occupation" does not imply how one necessarily makes money, but rather how one occupies their time. A student or a stay-at-home parent does not generate income but that is their occupation.

Turning of the Wheel - The Ascendent

The Ascendant is a critical position of the astrology chart for any individual since it sets the stage for all of the activity in a person's life.