A Taste of Theatre

A Taste of Theater Queen Marget

Muse of Fire theater company stop by to discuss their adaptation of Shakespeare's Queen Margaret.

A Taste of Theater Eroica

A Taste of Theater show cases David Alex's work of his play Eroica. A play about a man who has to face the fact that he faked an injury to dodge the draft during the Vietnam war.

A Taste of Theater Kristiana Ray Colon's Good Friday

This is a play set in a college campus when a shooting takes place and the fall out it creates on a class full of women.

A Taste Of Theater Richard Gallion

Richard Gallion talks about his play Voice of A Child. A play about a man who is dealing with the challenges of losing his wife and only child.

A Taste Of Theater Randy Noojin

Randy Noojin comes by to discuss his show Hard Travelin' With Woody. This show chronicles the life of woody Gunthrie and the cause he took up for the common man.

A Taste of Theatre - June McClain

This is the show where playwrights come to showcase one scene of their play for the audience.