Somewhere in Waldo County

Somewhere in Waldo County - Mussels

This program gives a tour of a mussel raft that raises mussels for food, located in Penobscot Bay.

A Visit to Penobscot McCrum

Interview with Jay McCrum,owner of Penobscot McCrum food processing facility in Belfast, Maine. Many potato products are produced in the plant from double stuffed to potato skins.

The HMS Bounty Visits Belfast

The HMS Bounty is a tall ship built originally as a prop for the 1960s film, "Mutiny on the Bounty". This program features an interview with the captain and includes a tour of the ship.

Fisherman's Tales - Doug Joudrie

Doug Joudrie has fished the waters off the shores of New England for almost a half century. In this interview Doug shares some of his fishing philosophies and memories.

Roller Derby in Waldo County

Roller derby has become a popular sport in Waldo County. This program features the Rock Coast Rollers roller derby team.

Bryant Stoves and Music

In Thorndike, Maine, Bryant Stoves and Music has been restoring and selling wood and coal stoves. Bea Bryant takes us on a tour of the showroom as well as "the stove museum".

Talkin Trash

This is a behind the scenes look at how the city of Belfast,Maine handles trash and recycling.

Somewhere in Waldo County: Railcycles

The Brooks, Maine Preservation Society has taken responsibility for some rarely used railroad tracks. They purchased some human powered "railcycles" and offer tours of the scenic sections of the railroad. We pedal along with the tour leader and learn a little local history along the way.