Skills To Pay The Bills

Skills To Pay the Bills - Lorette Farris and Pierre Walters on Branding and Social Media

Resources Unplugged is one of our newest segments on Skills to Pay the Bills and it is HOT! Business strategist, Lorette Farries goes into the deep with Pierre Walters about the real purposes of branding your business and how startup businesses can get a handle on Social Media, which can either help you or clog up your time. This is a good one folks, don't miss it. Send your comments directly to my email, Also, take a look at some of our programming on our Tijuana Young YouTube Channel. If you like what you see, please subscribe. We have have some great shows lined up for 2015.

Skills to Pay Bills - Community Business Partnership1

Producer and host, Tia Young, interviews Jessica Smith, Business Counselor, Community Business Partnership. Today's topic is Small Business Startup Savvy. Jessica meets aspiring entrepreneurs every day, as she encourages them to take ownership of their economic success. You are watching Skills to Pay the Bills.

Skills To Pay the Bills - Freeman and Carolyn Owen Jr on Retirement Strategies

Freeman Owen, Jr., and his lovely wife, Carolyn have some very interesting things to share with you about retiring comfortably. Many of us did not plan very well when we were in our 30's and 40's; and when you add the economic turmoil we have been experiencing since the housing meltdown, we are all concerned about how long our retirement funds will last. Freeman and Carolyn give us strategies to use, even if we did not make good choices when we were young. If you have questions, email me at or checkout more great videos on the Tijuana Young YouTube Channel. Thank you so much for your support.