Sister Who Presents

Sister Who - 293

Sister Who continues his discussion with Samuel about tribal dynamics, this time focusing on respect, tradition, renewal and ingenuity.

Sister Who - 289

Sister Who offers a few reflections on the pathology of greed.

Sister Who - 269

Sister Who discusses his spirituality.

Sister Who - 253

Sister Who talks with his guest Karen Lewis about people who are supposed to assist with spiritual growth.

Sister Who Presents - 236

Sister Who talks with a certified hyno-therapist.

Sister Who - 206 - Common Sense

Sister Who talks with his friend Karen Lewis about common sense.

Sister Who Presents - 205

Sister Who talks with Maureen Meegan about Positive Thinking vs. Negative Thinking.

Sister Who Presents - 191

Sister Who talks with clinical hypnotherapist Lyle Tautfest.

Sister Who Present - 169

Sister Who talks about life and spirituality.

Sister Who Presents A Surreptitious Journey

“A Surreptitious Journey” is a poignant consideration of beginnings, of giving, and of varying results, inspired by the biblical parable of “The Sower and the Seed.”

Sister Who Presents - A Sequential Journey

“A Sequential Journey” is an exploration of one’s relationships with resources of various kinds, inspired by the biblical parable of “The Talents.”

Sister Who Presents - A Circuitous Journey

"A Circuitous Journey" is an award-winning fresh look at interpersonal dynamics and spiritual growth, inspired by the biblical parable of "The Good Samaritan."