My So-Called Housing Cooperative - Discussion

Members discuss the themes of Episode 6, as well as the experience of acting and reflecting on cooperative life through the web series.

Get Off The Truck - Black Factory Rehearsal 2005

In May 2005, three fresh new Black Factory employees - David, Pasqualina, and Nathaniel - are run through a galloping two-week rehearsal in preparation for the upcoming Black Factory national tour. The CEO of the Factory, William Pope.L, invites a young filmmaker into the intriguing yet elusive process of training performance artists to change the world. Soon serious questions arise concerning the CEO's ethics and how his medical problems are affecting the rehearsal. The result is a rare, funny, sweet, and quirky perspective on the process and sacrifices necessary to the making of socially conscious performance art.

My So-Called Housing Cooperative - 6 Returning The Favor

Crushing secrets are revealed and the new members must make their most difficult decision yet.

My So-Called Housing Cooperative - 5 No Chainsaws At Group Meetings

My So-Called Housing Cooperative Episode 5: No Chainsaws At Group Meetings


This is a story about the nature of art and discovery. The science of searching. The ways we send our messages out into the world, even from the most lonely of places.

My So-Called Housing Cooperative Episode 4 - Unstable Foundations

Craig freaks out when he feels the entire building shake. He frantically questions his housemates to get to the bottom of the inexplicable tremors that threaten the foundational stability of the Faire-Op.

My So-Called Housing Cooperative Episode 3 - Rain of Mystery

oey becomes concerned as he begins to sense paranormal activities at the Faire-Op. Are these experiences real? Or maybe harboring his big secret is just slowly driving him crazy.

My So-Called Housing Cooperative Episode 2 - The Long Goodbye

Corbin tries to move out of the Faire-Op, but things get dramatic when Craig discovers an unapproved modification that Corbin made to his room. Who knew one whale could cause so much fuss?

My So-Called Housing Cooperative Episode 1 - The New Member(s)

Chaos and confusion ensue as the Faire-Op gathers to discuss Annie's interest in being a coop member.