Resilience TV

ResilienceTV Episode 4: Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley On Sustainable Opportunity

Presented at Green Builder Media's Sustainability Symposium in January 2017, this talk for former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is both inspiring and sobering. O'Malley, who may seek a presidential run in 2021, has the charm, intellect and understanding of key issues that is so badly lacking in our new reality TV president. O'Malley says the rise of Trumpism could actually lead to more leadership at the state and local levels on key environmental efforts.

Resilience TV - How Will Climate Change Affect New England

Climate scientist Dr. Cameron Wake gives an update on the latest research on rapid climate changes happening globally, then ties them in to how sea level and other factors could change life in New England for centuries. He also suggests how we can respond now to mitigate and adapt to these impacts.

ResilienceTV-Ep.1--Pruning Apple Trees, Pear Trees and Raspberries

The premiere episode of resilienceTV features a lesson in apple and pear tree pruning from Dave Homa of Post Carbon Designs, plus a spirited hands-on blitz of raspberry trimming and pruning, organized by Laura Mailander of Cultivating Community in Portland, Maine.