A Question of Ethics

The Wealth of the Church is Blood-Money

How did the churches acquire their immense wealth? The most important facts were gathered and lucidly compiled for this documentary: How did the Vatican acquire such an immense wealth in gold, equity investments in large corporations, huge landholdings and countless real estate?

A Meditation for Learning

'A Meditation For Learning' - with this it is meant for us to get to know our body, our organs, glands, muscles and all the components of our physical body even more intensely.

A Question of Ethics - Episode 3 Land of Peace - Shearing Sheep with Children

Sheering Sheep with Children: A group of children visit the Land of Peace - and can experience the sheep's "hairdresser appointment."

A Question of Ethics - Land of Peace as a Focal Point-Part 2

Two ornithologists Prof. Peter Berthold and Arnold Sombrutzki and botanist Bernd Raab had a good look at current projects for the animals' benefit.

A Question of Ethics - Land of Peace as a Focal Point

Animal and plant experts visit the connective biotope system.