Purr View TV Show

Purr View - Making Home Made Cat Food Extended

I include a pre-produced video on cat nutrition used with permission from the Catalyst Council, and also a segment on The Rescue Business - they help feral cats.

Purr View - Vintage Tonia - Socializing Your Cat, Cats Scratching Furniture, CATS Musical, Animal Care Fund

First Segment contains two 'Cat Nips Vintage Footage from 1998' Featuring Tonia Evans on “Socializing Your Cat” “Kitty’s Scratching Furniture”. Second is a trailer from AAFP American Association of Feline Practitioners Third is a Feline Lifestyle segment on 'CATS! The Musical with Star Players of Bristol County.' Fourth is an cat Welfare segment about the 'Kingston Animal Shelter and Their Animal Care Fund' Closing out the Show with a segment on 'Adopting Cats In Pairs, used with Purrr-mission by The CATalyst Council.

Purr View Cat Expose' (Trip To Pet Expo and Cats On The Beach-TICA Cat Show)

Cat Expose’ contains two segments, the first one, I went in search of the Feline Lifestyle at the 2012 Amazing Pet Expo in Wilmington MA and the second one was an expose at Cats On The Beach TICA cat show Cape Cod.

Purr View : Diabetic Cat Care

Feline Aficionda Tonia Evans shares what diabetes in cats is, the symptoms, how it's treated, and viewers will meet a local cat that lives a purrfectly pampered life as a diabetic cat.