Public Domain Movies

Miss London ltd

Terry Arden (Evelyn Dall) travels to England to take over her half of her late fathers dating service run by Arthur Bowden (Arthur Askey).

Sex Madness

This is a typical sex exploitation film from the early 1930s - complete with wild parties, sex out of wedlock, lesbianism, etc. A chorus girl's exposure to the "casting couch" also exposes her to syphilis.

Public Domain Theatre Girls - Jesse James Meets Frankensteins Daughter

The granddaughter of Dr. Frankenstein performs a brain transplant on Jesse James's friend, Hank, and then orders Hank to kill Jesse.

Public Domain Theatre Girls - Satans School for Girls 1973

A young woman investigating her sister's suicide at a private girls' school finds herself battling a satanic cult.

PDT Girls - Detour

In flashback, New York nightclub pianist Al Roberts hitchhikes to Hollywood to join his girl Sue. On a rainy night, the sleazy gambler he's riding with mysteriously dies.

PDT Girls - Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory

The new science teacher Dr. Julian Olcott with a mysterious past arrives in an institutional boarding school for troublemaker girls. Along the night, the intern Mary Smith, who is blackmailing another teacher - Sir Alfred Whiteman - with some love letters, is slaughtered by a werewolf. This movie ends abruptly.

PDT Girls - Killer Shrews

Boat Captain Thorne Sherman and his black sidekick, "Rook" Griswold, arrive to deliver supplies to a remote and isolated island, inhabited by a scientist, his daughter and his aides. Sherman soon learns that the scientist and company have created out-of-control, flesh-eating, monstrous giant shrews. A hurricane hits and all the stranded humans become either meals for or meal-targets for the shrews.

PDT Girls - Assassins of Youth

Youth, assassinations and Marijuana.

PDT Girls - Giant Leeches

After local-moonshine swilling trapper Lem Sawyer sees a giant creature, people start disappearing. While searching for illegal traps Steve Benton and Nan Greyson, his girl-friend find Lem dying with giant sucker wounds on his body.

Public Domain Theatre PDT Girls - Episode 3 Glen or Glenda

"Glen or Glenda" tells two stories. One is about Glen, who secretly dresses as a woman but is afraid to tell his fiancée, Barbara. The other is about Alan, a pseudohermaphrodite who undergoes a painful operation to become a woman.

Rescue From Gilligans Island

The castaways' hut is swept away by a wave; their hut becomes their boat until Gilligan sets it on fire.