Portland Press Herald Videos

Press Herald Video - Korean War Veteran

Jim Hughes fought in the battle of the Chosin Reservoir, one of the most brutal battles of the Korean War. Hughes has made it his life's work not to close the door on those memories, but to share the story.

Press Herald Video - Holocaust Survivor

To celebrate his 100th Birthday Kurt Messerschmidt bought a car. This optimism is typical of a man who survived one of the darkest chapters in human history - being held for three years in a German Concentration Camp.

Press Herald Video - Sudanese Family Reunited

Haroun Adam waited almost five years to be reunited with his wife and four sons. He left Sudan in 2010 because he had become a target of government troops after complaining about conditions in a refugee camp. His family arrived in Portland in December to a joyous welcome.

Portland Press Herald Videos - Exoskeleton

Brian Walker is using a new robotic exoskeleton to help him walk again after a devastating injury

Portland Press Herald Videos - Reading to Cats

A new program helps people with developmental disabilities improve their reading skills by reading to cats at a local animal shelter

Press Herald Video - Rwandan Bean Company

Meet Mike Mwenedata and Nick Mazuroski of the Rwandan Bean Company, a new coffee producer in Portland

Press Herald Video - Waving Man

Meet Kent Ingraham, Camden's "Waving Man"

Press Herald Video

Susan Kimball introduces us to Tayla Edlund, Maine's Teacher of the Year

Portland Press Herald Videos - Mother and Son Bodybuilders

A look at a mother and son bodybuilder team

Portland Press Herald Videos - Ali-Liston fight in Lewiston

A look back at the Ali-Liston fight in Lewiston

Portland Press Herald Video - Tattoo Removal

Juveniles at the Longcreek Youth Facility leave their past behind by having tattoos removed

Portland Press Herald Video - Heart Donor's Mother

A heart donor's mother hears her son's heart beating in the chest of the recipient

Portland Press Herald Video - Zoey Houston

Susan Kimball reports on 3 year-old Zoey Houston's struggle as she recovers from a stroke

Portland Press Herald Video - Adoption Dogs

Three blind and deaf puppies rescued from a home in Tennessee are now at the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook and ready for adoption.

Portland Press Herald Video - Teen Mentors

Teen Trendsetters, a program funded by the Barbara Bush Foundation, has high schoolers helping elementary schoolers learn to read.

Press Herald Videos - Club Hip Hop

Check out Club Hip Hop, a weekly after school dance program at the Mayo Street Arts Center

Press Herald Videos - Rescued Goats

A look at the rescue operation for a barnful of abused and neglected goats in Aroostook County

Press Herald Videos - Hollis Snowplow Man

Meet Bob Hanson who has been the snowplow operator in Hollis since 1956

Portland Press Herald Video

Maine seeks to combat methamphetamines as arrest numbers grow and addiction takes its toll

Portland Press Herald Video

At 72, Jamaican music pioneer Glen DaCosta sees Maine as the platform for the next phase of his career

Portland Press Herald Videos

Four women inmates at the Southern Maine Re-Entry Center are building confidence and trust by learning to ride and groom horses

Portland Press Herald - Deep Brain Stimulation

Portland Press Herald Reporter Susan Kimball looks at the way Deep Brain Stimulation is bringing relief to people with diseases like Parkinson’s that cause involuntary shaking of the body. Inga Valentine, Dr. Anand Rughani

Portland Press Herald - Alivia and her cow Luch

Portland Press Herald Reporter Susan Kimball talks with Alivia Stanley, 14, of Buxton, who is a member of 4H and competes in fairs across New England with her beloved cow, Lucy.

Portland Press Herald - A Homeless Vet Finds A Stopping Point

Portland Press Herald Reporter Susan Kimball talks with Mike Gavitt who has lived on and off the street for much of his adult life. With help from the staff of the Oxford Street shelter in Portland, he may have reached “the stopping point.” At least for now.

Portland Press Herald - A Family's First Thanksgiving in America

Portland Press Herald Reporter Susan Kimball talks with Ali Farid and his family, natives of Iraq, who are celebrating Thanksgiving, they will be giving thanks for living here in peace and for being made to feel welcome in Maine.

Portland Press Herald - Kelly Boyer - OUI

Reporter Susan Kimball talks with Kelly Boyer, who is serving seven years in prison, about why she is unable to explain why she continued to drink and drive.

Portland Press Herald - Harbor of Hope

Reporter Susan Kimball profiles the First Assembly of God church in Portland - also known as the Harbor of Hope

Portland Press Herald - Two Sisters

Reporter Susan Kimball profiles the "Garden Thyme" ladies