Perspectives - August 2018 - Bazia Part 2

Ann continues her conversation with Bazia about leadership in Africa.

Perspectives - Interview with Fawzi Al Sharif - English version - July 2018

Ann interviews Fawzi Al Sharif, a former general in the Iraqi army, who talks about the difference between the Quran and Sharia laws.

Perspectives - Glenn Nerback - Dec 2016 - Rebroadcast for June 2018

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show with Glenn Nerback with an addition at the end to recognize his retirement.

Perspectives - May 2018

Ann interviews Bazia about Sudan.

Perspectives - November 2017

Ann Smith visits the Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center and talks with their Executive Director Alain Nahimana.

Perspectives - Show 11

Host Ann Smith talks with her guest Solomon Nkhalamba about life in Malawi.

Perspectives - Show 10

Ann interviews Ricki George, a musician and songwriter, whose story informs his music.

Perspectives - Show 8 - April 2017

Ann talks with Brad Bean about the Casco Bay Rescue Mission.

Perspectives - March 2017 - Show 7

Ann talks with Lamiaa and Safa Mohammed from Somalia about the

Perspectives - Special Edition - Executive Order February 2017

Host Ann Smith talks with Ali Farid about Trump's Executive Order to ban Muslims from certain countries. This is a special edition of this show airing at a different time.

Perspectives - Show 6

Ann interviews her colleague, Anthony Bazia, founder and director of Project Bazia.

Perspectives - Show 5

In this edition of Perspectives, Ann talks with Glenn Nerbak, Portland High School Teacher and Director of the Portland Mentoring Alliance.

Perspectives - Show 4

Ann Smith welcomes back Ali Farid to finish their discussion of the history of Iraq, this time covering the epic of Gilgamesh.

Perspectives - November 2016

Ann Smith talks with Ali Farid to complete their discussion of the history of Iraq.

Perspectives - October 2016

In this edition of Perspectives, Ann Smith talks with Ali Farid about the societal structure of Mesopotamia and one of its most influential leaders.

Perspectives - September 2016

Ann Smith interviews her guest Ali Farid about the history of Iraq back to Mesopotamia, known as the cradle of civilization.