Peloton Speaks

Peloton Speaks - New Mainers

Peloton Speaks features New Mainers Belyse Ndayikunda, Hugues and Parivash Rohani.

Peloton Speaks - December 2016 - Show 6

In this show we hear from April Powel of FitKitch & FoodEdu, Jason Gootman or Tri-Hard & IThrive and Tim Johnson or Maine Warrior Gym.

Peloton Speaks - Five

This edition of Peloton Speaks features Eric Hilton, Kate Anker, Robert Mueller and Ryan Esbjerg

Peloton Speaks - January 2016 - Four

Four brief talks on money given by Priscilla Mahoney, Joe Pinto, Marilyn Miller and Tom Shepard.

Peloton Speaks - December 2015 - Three

This edition of Peloton Speaks features Britt Bolnick, Doug Malcolm and Mark Cook.

Peloton Speaks - November 2015 - Two

This edition features The Corner, Devenish Wines and 2Rev.

Peloton Speaks - October 2015 - One

This edition of the speaker series, Peloton Speaks, features Maine Music & Health, Austerer Higgins Physical Therapy & Wellness, Old Port Media and PlayDHD.