Ounce of Prevention

Ounce of Prevention - Ep 9

Mental wellness center in the 30 year history of the East Coast Music Awards. Filmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ounce of Prevention host Vickie Morgan interviews keynote speaker Zac Crouse who is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, musician and PTSD sufferer.

Ounce of Prevention - Episode 8 - 100 Women Who Care

100 People Who Care is a worldwide movement to help local charities and have a more direct impact on the communities we live in. The local 100 Women Who Care Southern Maine organization is headed by Deb Bergeron. They meet quarterly and before this meeting had already raised over $68000 and are up to more than 200 members.

Ounce of Prevention - Episode 7

Vickie Morgan sits down with Chief of Police Janine Roberts to discuss child abuse prevention and the repercussions of abuse she sees every day. Who should you call first to report abuse? You might be surprised to hear what the Chief has to say.

Ounce of Prevention - Episode 6

Vickie Morgan sits down and lays back with energy healer and owner of Kosmetikos Spa and Wellness Center Stephanie Biggs to discuss PTSD, anxiety and trauma recovery.

Ounce of Prevention - Episode 5

Vickie Morgan sits down with The Squid Jiggers to talk about some upcoming Newfoundland-themed shows, #GoBlueDay and child abuse prevention.

An Ounce of Prevention - Show 4

Vickie Morgan sits down with singer, songwriter, actor, author, living legend Alan Doyle to talk about #GoBlueDay and discuss mental health and child abuse prevention.

Ounce of Prevention - Episode 3

Vickie Morgan sat down with world-renowned jazz trombonist Don Doane a few months before he passed away. They are joined by his brother Al Doane. Don talks about how music saved his life after having a stroke and how with the help of a volunteer at Maine Veterans' Homes - Scarborough he was able to continue playing.

Ounce of Prevention - Episode 2

Host Vickie Morgan sits back with Dr. Sulak to discuss why PTSD happens to some and not others and whether or not medical marijuana could hold the key to healing.

Ounce of Prevention - Episode 1

Meet Patricia Proulx-Lough who uses Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) to treat Problem Sexual Behavior (PSB). Learn how the program works, who uses it and why anyone would even want to help a juvenile sex offender.