Nosotros - Biennial Indigenous Art Exhibit

The Biennial Indigenous Art Exhibit

Nosotros Gabriel Alegria

This episode of Nosotros features Gabriel Alegria and his Afro-Peruvian Jazz Band in Portland, Maine.

Nosotros April 2013

The projects Channels is a new community health center with UNE about Riverton Health Center. A fundraiser for Sacred Heart and Immigration Reform march are also covered on this program

Nosotros - Nelida March 2013

This episode of Nosotros we interview Nelida Berke of Minority Health Program of Portland about how she immigrated to the United States and what she does here and how she has for-filled her dreams.

Nosotros - People who Count Jan 2013

In Nosotros we meet with Grete Chandler pioneer of Health Community Centers

Nosotros March May 2010

This edition covers the march in Portland for immigration reform on May 1, 2010.

Nosotros, We the People - Christmas Peru

A Christmas celebration in Peru with music and dancing.