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New England Authors - Michael Anthony

Over 20 US veterans commit suicide every day. Mike Anthony spent a year deployed in Iraq and, like so many vets, could not adjust to civilian life. He drank, smoked, and took opiates, swearing to himself that if he could not get is life back on track in three months, he too would take his life. Anthony wrote a deeply-felt book about his experiences, and he talks with Kameel about the struggle that he and so many vets have on returning.

New England Authors with Kameel Nasr

Kate is a prolific New England mystery writer based in Maine and Massachusetts. She also teaches writing and is active in the New England community. Her books include the best-selling Joe Burgess series. She began as an attorney writing true crime, and then changed to fiction, writing over twenty novels. She has inspired many writers, including interviewer Kameel Nasr.

new England Authors with Kameel Nasr Bruce Coffin

Yes, Coffin is the real name of this new and talented New England mystery writer. Having spent years as a cop on the Portland, Maine, PD, Coffin turned to his original love on writing. Since Coffin knows the police world from the inside, his writing is absolutely true to police investigations. In his novel "Among the Shadows," the bad guys are cops, making this book a page-turner. Coffin also offers insight to the police world.