New England Authors with Kameel Nasr

New England Authors - Kathy Eliscu

Humor columnist Kathy Eliscu has written a delightful and creative debut novel, Not Even Dark Chocolate Can Fix This Mess. It's non-traditional, with drawings, postcards, notes-to-self, voicemails, and playful use of exclamation points. Her protagonist, Nurse Katrinka, aka “Tink”, is going through perimenopause. With humor, Eliscu reveals the ridiculous failings of our health care system, the nuances of love relationships, and the difficulty of saying “no” in our busy lives. Not Even Dark Chocolate Can Fix This Mess is every woman’s story, and both genders will laugh as Tink looks for a most unlikely escape route after making an embarrassing public mistake

New England Authors - Katherine Anderson

Fascinating discussion with Kate Anderson, author of three books based on abandoned insane asylums. Kate has studied and photographed these massive institutions. She gives a history of the ornate buildings--which housed 560,000 patients during the 1950s--followed by massive de-institutionalization. Through her use of fiction, Anderson describes mental health care through the ages. Lively and knowledgeable guest.

New England Authors - Interracial Relations and International Politics

Fascinating interview with two academics, husband and wife. Kyle Killian is a psychologist who has studied interracial couples. Anna Agathangelou is a political scientist who has studied the reasons for war and violence. Anna is a refugee who talks about running from her home in Cyprus as Turkish tanks cashed her. Kyle talks about how interracial couples struggle both inside and outside the relationship. Their research and publications are united in-group/out-group mentalities that dominate societies.

New England Authers - Myra White - Superstar Roadmap

After studying the stories of dozens of successful people, from presidents to rock stars to doctors to human rights leaders, Dr. Myra White authored the Superstar Roadmap, which specific methods you can employ to reach success. The roadmap is within us. Prof. White claims that we are all superstars, if we would first know our strengths and weaknesses.

New England Authors - Leslie Wheeler

Accomplished mystery writer Leslie Wheeler takes us to the Berkshires for her latest book, a riveting story of past and present, innocence and evil. Wheeler has several mysteries set in different parts of New England, and she has researched the history of the area. The discussion touches on the real Berkshires, not the land of Tanglewood. In Wheeler's stories, people are not what they seem to be.

New England Authors - Interviews mystery writers conference part 2

This is an excellent opportunity to see what writers are working on and meet the authors, who are interviewed during the conference for 3-5 minutes each, everything from hard-boiled crime to ghosts.

New England Authors - Interviews Mystery Writers at Conference 1

This is an excellent opportunity to see what writers are working on and meet the authors, who are interviewed during the conference for 3-5 minutes each, everything from hard-boiled crime to ghosts.

New England Authors -Rosalyn Elder

Rosalyn Elder has written an extensive history of African-Americans in New England. During this fast-paced interview, she talks of slavery and liberation, of antagonism and support, with several surprises thrown in. Elder also talks about the current racial situation. Vermont was the fist state to outlaw slavery. Maine never had slavery, and Massachusetts didn't officially outlaw it, but the Supreme Judicial Court effectively ended it. Although New England was strongly anti-slavery, they profited off it.

New England Authors - Deborah Lynn

Alzheimer's Disease is a most dreaded condition and so hard for caregivers. Deborah Lynn, who has a serious family history with the disease, talks about the ways to cope. Her book, a personal account of taking care of her mother, filled with poetry and wisdom, travels the course of the disease, from symptoms to denial to anger to acquiescence. Thoroughly interesting.

New England authors with kameel nasr - With Sailaga Joshi about immigrant childrens books

Sailaja Joshi began producing books specifically for Indian-American children. The books, for ages one to early readers, introduce children to Indian gods and traditions and talk about alternative lifestyles. In the interview we talk about assimilation vs maintaining cultural traditions and how to get children to be active readers. She presents tricks for making reading fun and desirable. This video is excellent for anyone of foreign heritage who wants their children to grow up literate and bi-cultural.

New England Author with Kameel Nasr - Getting boys to read with Tripti Thomas

An exciting interview with literacy advocate Tripti Thomas, who is especially adapt at getting boys to read. Boys read far less than girls. Tripti has many strategies for parents of boys to help them read. She runs the blog As well as strategies, we discuss the importance of literacy.

New England Authors with Kameel Nasr - with Julie Hennrikus

Julie Hennrikus has a mystery series set in a New England small town. The main character runs a clock shop, so there is some information about the history of clocks and a bit of philosophizing about Time. Hennrikus is also active in the local theater scene (she teaches theater), and she talks about the state of the arts in the region. It is a fast-moving and fluid discussion. Hennrikus' novels are cozy mysteries, containing little or no violence, obscenity, or sex.

New England Author with Kameel Nasr , Lisa Shea

Lisa Shea is one of the most prolific writers. She travels around New England picking up stories, writing about them, then donating the money to battered women's shelters. Of her 300 published works, she has a series about diners, hikers, medieval romance, and yoga, and that's just for starters.

New England Authors with Kameel Nasr, Fred Marchant

New England Authors with Kameel Nasr explores books and literacy. Nasr interviews local authors on various subjects.

new England Authors with Kameel Nasr

New England author Connie Hambley takes us on a journey to Ireland and back to New England in her thrilling novels. The books are about what is called the "troubles", which is also the title of one of her books. There was a link between the IRA and New England during those times. There were bombings and killings, although both sides tried to avoid killing civilians (how different from today). Also, this is a world or horses and horse racing, of the Catholic Church and its connection to the trouble. It is a story of strong women determined to uncover the truth. Very quick and exciting discussion.

New England Authors with Kameel Nasr - Hallie Ephron

The talented Hallie Ephron, writing teacher, NYT best-selling author, and literacy activists talks about her novels and the process of writing. Ephron grew up in the writing world: her parents and siblings are famous script writers in Hollywood. Ephron grew up in that world, then made her home in New England. As well as novels, she has a book about writing and conducts workshops. Anyone interested in the process of writing must watch this episode.

new England Authors with Kameel Nasr - Emily Ross

Emily Ross's debut novel is based on a real murder she investigated decades ago in the Arizona desert. Although technically a young adult novel because its protagonist is a teenager who is trying to solve the mystery of her older sister's disappearance, "Half in Love With Death" tackles adult themes of infidelity, con artists, and murder. In the interview, Ross talks about what young people are reading today, their interest in witches and ghosts, their sexual knowledge, which is much more extensive than previous generations. A lively discussion.