MT Conversations

MT Conversations - The Concept of a Cooler Cow

Professor Emeritus Warren Gill talks with Gina Logue about his research on the boundaries of Animal Science and Husbandry.

MT Conversations - Russian Relations

Dr. Andre Korobkov discusses with host journalist Gina Logue the different possible states of Russian-American relations after the election of a new United States President of the in 2016.

MT Conversations - Religious Plurality in Higher Ed

Journalist Gina Logue and Dr. Mary Evins talk about Dr. Evins' work on Religious Plurality. Using a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Dr. Evins has embarking on a 20 month program to bring knowledge of differing religious disciplines and traditions to students in Middle Tennessee to foster understanding and educate about religious plurality, freedom of religion in the United States and the concept of separation of church and state.

MT Conversations - Daniel Erenso

Physicist Daniel Erenso talks with journalist Gina Logue about his, and his undergraduate students', research into Sickle Cell Anemia by exploring the manipulation of living hemoglobin cells using "Laser Tweezers". One of the only programs in the nation where undergrads can co-author peer reviewed scientific papers before entering graduate school, the experimental research is producing ground breaking work in understanding the components and manipulation of living cells. Watch a cell explode like a miniature firework display in real time.

MT Conversations - Dark Revival - Medievalisma nd ISIS

Journalist Gina Logue and Dr. Amy Kaufman discuss Dr. Kaufman's new book "Dark Revival: ISIS Propaganda and the New Middle Ages" and how young men are drawn to the radical movement by their romanticized modern vision of a medieval world that never actually existed.