Money Talk with Jack Bevilacqua

Money Talk - College Debt

Jack speaks with financial advisor, Sara Romaine, about formulating a successful college funding plan, specifically, the benefits of 529 plans. Sara also reviews the questions she asks young students to help them make the best college choices geared toward their interests.

Money Talk - Medicare - Bayond the Basics

Jack talks with Dianne Savastano to get a deeper understanding of Medicare. Topics covered include: enrollment basics and penalities, how income effects various plan premiums, the Medicare Advantage Plan as well as Part D and the "donut hole".

MoneyTalk - Protecting your Credit Data

Host Jack Bevilacqua talks to Kim Carpentier of Valley Credit Builder about the recent Equifax breech, and how we can protect ourselves from any future data compromises.

Money Talk with Jack Belvilacqua - Elder Financial Abuse

On this show, Jack talks to Bea Stankard from Elder Services of The Merrimack Valley, and gets an update on the latest scams targeting the elder community. They also discuss why elders are vulnerable to financial scams and what protections can be taken to protect them and their investments.

Money Talk with Jack Bevilacqua - Advice when Your Adult Child Moves Home

"Advice For When Your Adult Child Moves Back Home" On this show, Jack talks to Certified Financial Planner, Lawrence Albert, about the increasing probability of adult children moving back home. They discuss the different approaches parents can take to help, not hinder, both of their financial futures and ensure a smooth transition through this phase.

MoneyTalk-How to Choose a Tax Professional

Phil Davis, CPA, discusses with host Jack Bevilacqua the five different types of people who can handle your taxes and the benefits and downfalls of each group.

Money Talk_Socially Responsible Investing

Financial Planner, John J. Gregorio talks to Jack about SRI, or "Green Investing". He gives an overview and history of this investment category and introduces viewers to the concept of "making a difference while making money". The segment "Jacks Facts" addresses the question of whether or not you should claim fewer withholding allowances on W-4 to get a big tax refund.

Take Control of Spending and Increase Cash Flow

Host Jack Bevilaqua has an important and timely topic discussion with guest Kol Chu Birke, a Financial Behavior Specialist who provides viewers with easy, effective techniques to change spending behaviors and discover what motivates them to save more and spend less.

Money Talk-Raising Money-Savvy Kids

"Raising Money-Savvy Kids" with guest, Kol Chu Birke. Kol is a Financial Behavior Specialist who shares great ideas you can use to teach your kids to become financially responsible adults. There is a new segment at the end of the show called: "Jack's Financial Facts" where Jack dispels some common misconceptions about money. This show he addresses the myth "I make too much to qualify for financial aid"

MoneyTalk_Discovering the Secrets of Personal credit

On this show, Jack has an eye-opening conversation with credit specialist, Kim Carpentier about the importance of personal credit scores, how the major credit bureaus operate, and how they calculate your score. They also discussed the different types of inquiries and how to dispute an error. Kim has some great tips, including the reason you may want to establishing an authorized user.

Money Talk - Making College Affordable by Maximizing Financial Aid

Tom Books, a Financial Aid Adviser, talks with Jack Bevilaqua about ways to maximize financial aid to help pay for college. This is a must see for parents of high school students.

Financial Planning for Long Term Healthcare

Healthcare Consultant, Dianne Savastano, discusses ways families can plan and execute successful financial planning for long term healthcare.

Money Talk - Avoiding Financial Mistakes

Host Jack Bevilaqua discusses how to avoid financial mistakes with his colleagues Mike Garvan and George Bowen.