Martha Spiess Presents

Martha Spiess Presents - Road Trip for Suffrage 100 years ago 851ERA Anne Gass

The Brunswick Area Chapter of the League of Women Voters hosted this talk by Maine author, Anne Gass, which describes a coast-to-coast car trip undertaken by three suffragists in 1915 in support of women's suffrage. She supports her talk with slides from the original trip. Gass retraced their route in 2015 and will conclude the talk with a discussion of the challenges that remained for women after they got the vote, and that they're still facing today.

Martha Spiess Presents - Ray Shadis -New England Coalition- Carry It On

Ray Shadis speaking at the New England Coalition Annual Meeting. "Carry it On: The Greening of Vermont Yankee and the Near-Term Future of Nuclear-related Advocacy in New England.

Martha Spiess Presents - Medea Benjamin

Medea Benjamin speaks at Peace Action Maine's annual meeting. She is the co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK and the co-founder of the human rights group Global Exchange. She has been an advocate for social justice for more than 40 years.

Martha Spiess - Doug Rawlings on Peace Studies

Recorded at the Brunswick PeaceFair..topic was a Peace Studies and it was a talk by Doug Rawlings

Martha Spiess Presents - Terra Matters - Earth Day Climate Summit

8 different Maine schools and colleges present about their exciting work to reduce climate change.

Martha Spiess Presents - Peace Fair 2018 Brunswick Maine

Coverage of the Peace Fair in Brunswick, Maine, including Doug Rawlings, President of Maine Chapter of Veterans for Peace, leading a discussion titled Peace Studies.

Martha Spiess Presents - Save Oura Bay

Dud Hendrik and Bruce Gagnon discuss the efforts to prevent a new U.S. military base from being built on OUra Bay in Okinawa

Martha Spiess Presents - Terra Matters Earth Day Climate Summit

8 different Maine schools and colleges present about their exciting work to reduce climate change.

Martha Spiess Presents - Nancy MacLean in Maine - Democracy in Chains

Historian Nancy MacLean from Duke University speaks about her book “Democracy in Chains,” and the Crisis of American Democracy, at a Coastal Senior College event held at the Midcoast Friends Meeting in Damariscotta.

Martha Spiess Presents - News Conference on Oil Drilling in Maine Waters

A news conference at the Augusta Civic Center with business, community and political leaders speaking out on President Trump's plan to open Maine waters to oil and gas drilling.

Martha Spiess - Should BIW Get a Tax Break

A public hearing about a $60-million tax break to BIW.

Sierra Club Maine Climate Action Conference

2018 Sierra Club Maine Climate Action Conference. Keynote speech by George Lakey, Earth Quaker Action Team Leader

Martha Spiess Presents - 2018 Rally of Unity

The 2018 Rally for Unity at the Statehouse in Augusta. The rally, organized by the Alliance for the Common Good, focused on water and sustainability issues

Martha Spiess Presents - Peace Action Maine Annual Meeting

Andrew Bacevich presents "Why Trump Is Not The Problem" at the Peace Action Maine annual meeting

Martha Spiess Presents - Maine Peace Walk

The 6th Annual Maine Peace Walk Finale for Conversion, Community and Climate

Martha Spiess Presents - Maine Peace Walk

The 6th annual Maine Peace Walk in Brunswick, including a public supper and speakers.

Martha Spiess Presents - Climate Action Conference

Coverage of the Sierra Club Maine's 3rd Climate Action Conference

Martha Spiess Presents - Women Waging Peace

Two women from Maine speak at the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom congress in Chicago about the need for the nation to change direction towards a peace economy and a peaceful world

Martha Spiess - Forum - One Struggle Many Fronts

On July 7, 122 countries signed a UN TReaty to ban nuclear arms and to eventually get rid of them.

Martha Spiess Presents - Brunswick Air Show Protest

PeaceWorks Maine is asking people to peacefully protest the Brunswick Air Show schedule for August, 2017.

Martha Spiess Presents - Peace Hub of the Climate March DC

Climate March Peace Hub Rally and speakers

Martha Spiess Presents - The Scientist As Sentinel

Harvard Professor Naomi Oreskes talks about the role of scientists as sentinels

Martha Spiess Presents - 2017 Rally of Unity at the Augusta Statehouse

2017 Alliance for the Common Good Rally of Unity in Augusta

Martha Spiess Presents - BEP Mining Public Comment

The Bureau of Environmental Protection Public Comment public comment session on proposed changes to Chapter 200 of the Maine mining regulations

Martha Spiess Presents - Selling Off The Farm

Sharon Treat discusses corporate agriculture's takeover of US farms through the Trans-Pacific and EU-US Trade Deals

Martha Spiess Presents - A Woman's Boat To Gaza

Colonel Ann Wright speaks about her recent release from an Israeli jail following her fourth attempt to challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Martha Spiess Presents: The Bigelow Battle

Lance Tapley speaking on the Bigelow Battle and the future of Environmental Activism

17 and Counting - Local Food Ordinances in Maine

A film recorded by Betsy Garrold and produced by Martha Spiess; Videotaped Friday Sept. 23, 2016 at the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. Presenters: Farmer Heather Retberg and Consumer Bonnie Preston.

Martha Spiess Presents - Clean Energy Summit

Clean Energy Summit in Philadelphia

Martha Spies Presents - Dr. helen Caldicott

Massachusetts Peace Action presents Dr. Helen Caldicott's presentation about the medical hazards of the nuclear age

Martha Spiess Presents - In The Company of Bears

A talk by Ben Kilham, Independent Wildlife Biologist and author

Martha Spiess Presents - Reducing the Dangers of Nuclear War

A daylong program of panel discussions held at MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts on Reducing the Dangers of Nuclear War

Tax Day in Congress Square

A global day of action against military spending in Congress Square, Portland, Maine.

Friends of Merry Meeting Bay - Maine's Rare & Endangered Invertebrates

A talk at the Curtis Memorial Library as part of Friends of Merry meeting Bay 2015-2016 speaker series. This one is given by Phillip deMaynadier, Wildlife Biologist.

Martha Spiess Presents - Creating A Climate for Peace

Bill McKibben talks about the relationship of climate change to world peace. The video address is followed by a Q&A and Panel Discussion with local Portland climate change leaders

Martha Spiess Presents - Jeff Bolster

Author Jeff Bolster talks about the environmental history of the Atlantic Ocean in his Book "The Mortal Sea"

Martha Spiess Presents - Michael Klare: The New Cold War?

Author Michael Klare talks about the geopolitical competition between the U.S., China and Russia

Martha Spiess Presents - Kelping the Earth

Kelping the Earth with a Virtuous Vegetable. Paul Dobbins of Ocean Approved, a company that commercially farms kelp in a sustainable way

Martha Spiess Presents - Fight Big Money

A panel discussion entitled "Fight Big Money" held at the NH We The People Convention to work towards campaign finance reform

Martha Spiess Presents - Hermit Island, 300 Years of Fishermen and Farmers

A presentation on Hermit Island, 300 Years of Fishermen and Farmers

Martha Spiess Presents - TransPacific Partnership Public Hearing

The Citizen Trade Policy Commission holds a public hearing on the proposed TransPacific Partnership free trade agreement

Martha Spiess presents Break Every Chain - Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly shares experiences and insights gained by working for 20 years as a member of international peace teams in Sarajevo, Lebanon, the West Bank, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Martha Spiess Presents - Climate Change Business Roundtable

The National Resources Council of Maine hosted a climate change business roundtable featuring Senator Angus King

Martha Spies Presents - Peace Action Maine Annual Dinner

Peace Action Maine's 2015 Annual Dinner featured a talk by Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies "Understanding ISIS and the New Global War On Terror"

Local to Global

On the anniversary of the Climate March, John Coequyt, Director of National Sierra Club's International Climate Programs, gives a talk, September 18, 2015.

Beautiful Resistance

Abdelgattah Abusrour speaks on this work Alrowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Society. Alrowwad's (Pioneers for Life) mission is to "empower the community and build national capacities in beautiful and non-violent resistance."

Martha Spiess Presents - Iran Nuclear Deal Forum

Senator Angus King hosts a public forum on President Obama's proposed nuclear weapons agreement with Iran. He is joined by former U.S. Senator George Mitchell

Militarism and the Root of the Problem

Will Hopkins served for 6 years in the NH National Guard, he was decorated for valor during a year-long tour in Iraq as an infantryman, including in the fall 2004 Fallujah Offensive. he has served as a national member of the board of directors of Veterans for Peace, as well as the board of NH Peace Action Education Fund before taking over as executive director in September 2009. He is also a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and attends Quaker meeting.

Martha Spiess Presents - Ukraine Teach In

Bruce Gagnon and Richard Rhames conduct a public discussion about the civil war in Ukraine

Martha Spiess Presents - Arts Organizing for Social Justice

A workshop for everyone interested in integrating arts organizing into public policy campaigns such as Climate Justice

Martha Spiess Presents - Plankton and Particles

Unseen but Everywhere - Plankton and Particles. A presentation by Harry Nelson of Fluid Imaging Technologies

Frida Berrigan - It Runs in the Family

Author Frida Berrigan gives a talk at her book signing for "It Runs in the Family" about her and her family's activism.

Martha Spiess presents Journey into Climate

Paul Mayewski talks about how he and his teams from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine have significantly improved our understanding of Maine's climate through what they have learned about the way the global climate system operates.

Martha Spiess Presents - Lessons from the Lobster Boat Blockade

A presentation and discussion by Jay O'Hara, who blockaded a shipment of coal with his lobster boat.

Martha Spiess Presents - Intervidw with David Sheen

Bob Schaible, Chair of the Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights, interviews Israeli Journalist David Sheen about the Israeli - Palestinian conflict

Martha Spiess Presents - Fast Tracking Global Warming

Sharon Treat talks about Fast Tracking Global Warming

Martha Spiess - Financing Solar for Faith Communities

St. Ansgar Evangelical Lutheran Church hosted an open house to celebrate their recently installed 7kW solar array.

Martha Spiess Presents - Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast

The 2015 Martin Luther King, Jr Breakfast

Martha Spiess Presents - Steve Powell's World of Wildlife

Historian Jay Robbins talks about Steve Powell's legacy of wildlife film and photos.

Martha Spiess Presents - Honey Bees

A presentation on the value of honey bees to Maine's agriculture