Maine Social Justice - Maines Largest Solar Farm

Since early last spring I have been recording progress at the Madison Electric Works Community Solar Farm. At 4.8 megawatts, it is the largest solar farm in Maine....for now. The farm's builder and current owner, IGS Solar of Dublin, Ohio believes that within a few decades, over half of our country’s electricity will come from solar. A short clip will show you IGS’s mission and beliefs. You will also hear from the project manager for APS (Advance Solar Products) of New Jersey and from Calvin Ames, director of Madison Electric. MEW negotiated a win-win deal with IGS and quite soon, Madison Electric customers will be getting favorable electric rates. Madison already has the largest year-round tomato farm in New England. Madison now leads the way in renewable energy. After watching this, you will have a much better idea about what it takes to develop a solar farm and the many benefits that farm can bring.

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