Maine Sky Media

Stop LD-1781

Active Citizen's Bob Klotz and Bruce Gagnon continue to fight the Corporate Welfare bill LD-1781 which would give away upwards to $60,000,000 to General Dynamics.(The 5th leading arms builder in the world)

General Dynamics $60M Shakedown Show

Bob Klotz interviews Bruce Gagnon over the corporate welfare bill approaching vote this week benefiting Maine's largest arms builder(5th Internationally) General Dynamics.

Maine Social Justice - 3 Parts Health Care and War Dept

1 Bruce Gagnon & Mary Beth Sullivan discuss health care issues 2 Cynthia Soma offers health care solutions 3 A 1947 US War Dept. film about how Nazis came into power

Maine Sky Media - 2017 Resist War Global Day of Action

Several citizen action groups come together in Portland's Monument Square to help educate the public on the atrocities of war and the monetary, physical, and spiritual costs we all pay.