Last Friday

Last Friday - Show 12 - Earth2Trump Roadshow

This "Last Friday" episode purely covers the "Earth2Trump Roadshow of Resistance" concert held on April 5th, 2017 at The State Theater in Portland Maine. This concert features singer-songwriter Casey Neill and Diné and Cheyenne hip-hop artist Lyla June. Including speakers Cheryl Angel, a Lakota elder fighting the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipel

Last Friday - Show 11 - March 2017

Brian interviews Ginny Scheider of Maine War Tax Resistance and Matthew Francis, author of My Resurrected Spirit.

Last Friday - January 2017 - Let Cuba Live

Ken Kohl interviews 2 members of "Let Cuba Live" about their work to improve U.S./Cuban relations over their 20+ years of humanitarian efforts. A song performed by Ronda Dale. Also, several activist organizations descend upon the U.S. Headquarters of TD Bank in protest. TD Bank is a major contributor/investor in the Dakota Access Pipeline project.

Last Friday - Show 8

A discussion with Maine State Representative Ben Chipman, including his run for State Senate, and the benefits of all five Citizen Initiatives on the 2016 ballot. An essential independent media update from UnicornRiot at Standing Rock North Dakota.

Last Friday - Show 7 - John Rensenbrink

Interviews with John Resenbrink, founder of the Green Party, Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate, and Medea Benjamin, author, activist, co-founder of Code Pink.

Last Friday - September 2016 - Show 6

Host Brian Leonard interviews Kennebunk resident Janice Hanson about fluoride in our water.

Last Friday - Show 5

Kara talks with Gia Drew about her work at Equality Maine and Maine TransNet.

Last Friday - Show 4

In this edition, guest host Kara Auster interviews regular host Brian Leonard about his background.

Last Friday - Show 3

Guests include "Southern Maine Workers Center" with Meaghan Lasala and Mark James.

Remembering Meg Perry

This show centers on late organizer/activist Meg Perry, The Meg Perry Center, and perhaps future plans for a new MPC. Additionally, a discussion with Ginny S., an organizer in the "War Tax Resistance" movement.