Good Health is Wealth

Good Health is Wealth - 2018 Symposium - Daniel Katz

Daniel Katz compares the use of treating pain on a cellular level with treating pain with Chinese medicine.

Good Health is Wealth - CWL 2018 Symposium - Panel on Cannabis to Relieve Chronic Pain

Sharon Rose Vaznis moderates panelists Patricia Rosi, CEO of the Wellness Connection of Maine, Brian Piper, Behavioral Neuroscientist and Dr. M. Eng in a discussion about the use of cannabis to relieve chronic pain.

Good Health is Wealth - 2018 Symposium - Morning Panel

A panel discussion on yoga, homeopathy, ayurveda, bodywork, qigong…An array of alternative modalities are available to deal with chronic pain. What are they and what is the efficacy of these methods?

Good Health is Wealth - July 2018 - Symposium 2018 Keynote

The keynote speaker, Stephen Hull MD, of the Center for Wellness Leadership Symposium 2018, gives a presentation on the multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain – an overview of the neuroscience of pain.

Good Health is Wealth - Episode 1

This episode features Dr. Ingrid Martin who talks about the complementary relationship between Eastern and Western approaches to medicine.