Global Connections

Global Connections - Show 5 - Tarlan Ahmadov

Fostering inter-cultural dialogue, celebrating the vibrancy which immigration brings to our city, and acknowledging the commonalities of the human experience. Every month, we will introduce you to your Global Neighbours right here in Portland, Maine! On this month’s episode, our guest is Tarlan Ahmadov

Global Connections - Show 4 - Sofia Aldinio

Julia interviews Sofia, a recent immigrant from Argentina.

Global Connections - Show 2 - Parivash Rohani

In this episode, Julia interviews Parivash Rohani from Iran, now living in the USA for the last 33 years.

Global Connections - Show 3 - Justin Nizeyumukiza

In this edition of Global Connections, host Julia Trujillo interviews Justin Nizeyumukiza from Rwanda.

Global Connections - Mateo Hodo - July 2018

Julia interviews Mateo Hodo, from Albania, who has living in the United States for the past 16 years and is a business owner.