Gender Dignity - Unique and Equal

Diversity Dignified - February 2019

Matthew talks with his friend Aury Sabushimike about passing

Diversity Dignified - December 2018

Matthew interviews motivational speaker, Grace Stevens.

Diversity Dignified - October 2018

Matthew Francis interviews a person who identifies as transgender and another person who identifies as pansexual.

Diversity Dignified - August 2018

Matthew interviews Truc

Diversity Dignified - June 2018

Matthew interviews a panel of men on issues related to being gay and bisexual.

Diversity Dignified - May 2018

Matthew interviews Curt Gilbert who has also struggled with mental illness in the process of coming out as a gay man.

Diversity Dignified - April 2018

Pilot episode; Hosted by Matthew Francis with guests Jeanette Andonian and Michael J. Tobin, introduces the topic of transgender issues to demystify the experience of it, and educate our audience.

Diversity Dignified - Stiles

Matthew interviews Stiles Zuschlag who is a transgender student who was expelled from his Christian school for being transgender.

Diversity Dignified - Family Promise - September 2017

This month host Matthew Francis talks with the director of the YMCA's new program, Family Promise, a shelter for families.

Diversity Dignified - July 2017 - Matthew Fox

Matthew Francis interviews Matthew Fox about his career as a spiritual leader fully embracing the concept of Original Blessing, especially as a concept that is inclusive of all gender orientations.

Diversity Dignified - June 2017

Matthew interviews Zack Hawkins, a transgender man who was discriminated against by airport security.

Diversity Dignified - May 2017

Matthew continues the discussion on bullying with guests Brooklyn Carter and Meli Morales, who has discuss the discrimination experienced by transgender people of color.

Diversity Dignified - April 2017 - Lori Voornas

Matthew talks with Lori Voornas about her life, coming out and bullying.

Diversity Dignified - Matthew Francis Interview - March 2017

in this edition of Diversity Dignified, Matthew Francis is the guest interviewed by Tom Handel about Matthew's recently released book, My Resurrected Spirit.

Diversity Dignified - Cydney Bullens - February 2017

Matthew interviews musician Cydney Bullens.

Diversity Dignified - January 2017

Host Matthew Francis talks with Rev. Al Boyce, Director of the Sanctuary of Pastoral Hope & Healing and gets a tour of the sanctuary.

Diversity Dignified - December 2016

Matthew interview Sean Dorsey, a transgender man, who is a professional dancer and choreographs pieces that raise awareness of our culture's historic experience with AIDS.

Diversity Dignified - November 1 - 2016

Matthew interviews Jacie Leopold, a transgender woman, a professional chef who was severely beaten at work.

Gender Dignity - October 2016

This is the second part of Matthew's two-part series on addictions and the LGBT community.

Gender Dignity - Unique and Equal - September 2016 - Show 10

Host Matthew Francis discusses addiction in the LGBT community with his guests Mike Blanchard and Licensed Social Worker, Steve Addario.

Gender Dignity - August 2016 - Show 9

In this edition, Matthew Francis and his guests discuss issues facing the LGBT community as they age.

Gender Dignity - Unique and Equal - 8

Host Matthew Francis interviews his guest Quinn Gormley, a board member of Metransnet.

Gender Dignity - Unique & Equal - 7

H. Matthew Francis leads a discussion on how transgender issues affect young people.

Gender Dignity - Unique and Equal 6

Host Matthew Francis interview Gia Drew.

Gender Dignity - Unique and Equal 5

Host H.Matthew Francis interviews his guest Zach Paakkonen, a transgender attorney.

Gender Dignity - Unique and Equal - Show 4

H. Matthew Francis discusses issues trans men face with guest Andrew Moffett.

Gender Dignity - Unique and Equal 3

Matthew interviews new Mainers about their experience with attitudes in their native countries about LGBT and transgender issues and how that differs from their experience here.

Gender Dignity - Unique and Equal - Show 2

A talk show about issues faced by people who are transgender.

Gender Dignity - Unique and Equal - Show 1

A talk show about issues faced by people who are transgender.