GCMD Marketing Buzz

Marketing Buzz - May 2018

Alexandra interviews Catherine Berce and Scott Dimick about the difference between marketing and sales.

Marketing Buzz - January 2018 - David Pride and Dan Sexton

Dan Sexton, owner of Horizon Digital Marketing and David A. Pride, of Social Impressions share insights and tips on how to use Google Ads and Social Media to drive traffic to a business website.

Marketing Buzz - December 2017

In this edition of Marketing Buzz, host Alexandra Heseltine interviews Sam Patel, owner of Friendly Discount Beverage, and Kyle Gravel, videographer and social media strategist for Friendly Discount Beverage.

GCMD Marketing Buzz

Alexandra talks with Tim Greenway about the use of photos and video in marketing.

GCMD Marketing Buzz - Aug 2017 - Show 2

Host Alexandra Heseltine talks about content marketing for the web with guests Jody Flynn and Alison Harris.

GCMD Marketing Buzz - July 2017 - Show 1

Designing your logo and branding for trademarking. On this premiere episode Host Alexandra Heseltine of GCMD web design interviews Trademark Attorney, Zeke Callanan of Opticliff Law and Intellectual Property (IP) Attorney Tom Marlow of Black Hills IP Renewals on the importance of designing brand identities that can be trademarked. The discussion revolves around why it’s important to protect your brand, the difference between a registered mark and a trademark, what types of logos and branding cannot be protected and stories of trademark and copyright infringement.