Flyby News Productions

Flyby News Productions - Beyond Mossbrook

Beyond Moss Brook - No Fracking Way!'' (0:37:30) presents a direct democracy idea to stop new infrastructure for fossil fuels in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This would reject a proposal by Kinder Morgan for a frack-gas pipeline through Northeast USA. The film includes images of nature worth preserving and flows with three great songs: Michael Kovick's ''Save Our Water'', Mark Kelso's ''Wake Up and Smell the Gas'', and David Rovics' ''No Fracking Way.''

Flyby News - Dark Legacy JFK and 911 pt2 072012 2

Dark Legacy - JFK and 9-11 is a film compilation with music that tackles four major conspiracies of our times: JFK assassination, Federal Reserve, Apollo Lunar Missions, and 9-11. Once you break through into an evidence-based reality in any of these conspiracies, identifying a cover-up becomes easier. It is only spin that keeps many lurking in the shadows of truth, meanwhile the system is closing in on itself.