Film For Justice

Rulers of the Realm Introduction

This lecture series will focus on the small group of men who control foreign and domestic policy of the United States from behind the scenes. This small group of people had roles in the Kennedy assassination, the Watergate burglary, the resignation of Nixon, the Warren Commission, the creation and running of the Central Intelligence Agency, the funding of the Third Reich, the rise of Hitler, and the supply of heroin to the United States from Southeast Asia via Cuba, to name a few.

Film for Justice: Democracy & Cliques of Power

This episode discusses, among other things, the interpretation of ambiguous terms including - democracy, whose very ambiguity enables large discrepancies in the interpretations of history – especially the (probably) most successful social revolution in the world history of the last thousand years - the Russian Revolution, compared, say, to the English Revolution of 1648 or the French Revolution of 1789.