From The Files of Greater Ashland Paranormal

From The Files of Greater Ashland Paranormal: Hartman House Investigation

The GAPR team investigates the home of the Hartman family. The family had reported ongoing and troubling activity that began small but quickly escalated into activity so intense the family was sleeping in the same room, afraid to be in certain areas of the home at night. The home had been the site of witchcraft ceremonies, as admitted by a former resident who is, herself, a Wiccan high priestess and who said anyone living in the home after she left it would likely have a very difficult time. The team experienced a great deal of activity and interaction, including a possible physical incident where the front door of the home apparently locked itself.

GAPR Top Three Investigations Highlights From 2012

Highlights from Greater Ashland Paranormal's dozens of investigations from 2012. Included are highlights from the Row Cottage investigation, Shannon Michael Salon & Spa investigation, and the Starcher House investigation which captured the attention of Syfy's Haunted Collector for a season 3 episode.

GAPR Shannon Michael Salon Investigation, October 2014

This is a highlights show consisting of actual video and audio footage of the investigation Greater Ashland Paranormal conducted of the Shannon Michael Salon in New London, Ohio in October 2014. GAPR has followed the case of a haunting at the Shannon Michael Salon since 2012, conducting several investigations and culling a great deal of evidence. As activity has escalated at the location, GAPR conducted an investigation in October 2014 along with our team psychic to gain some deeper insight into the haunting. What we found was both astonishing and compelling and lines up well with research we have done on the building and former occupants.

From The Files of Greater Ashland Paranormal: Row Cottage Investigation

The team investigated many claims of activity in the cottage, many of which were completely substantiated. Is Row Cottage haunted by its past, or that of the town wherein it's located? What kind of scar could have been left on the land, years or decades or even centuries before the area was settled, that could have resulted in the energies many have encountered at the cottage?

From The Files of Greater Ashland Paranormal - Babcock House

The GAPR team was called in to investigate activity at an old home located on the former site of the F.E. Myers pump complex.