Fast Forward - Contemporary Science Fiction

Fast Forward Joe Haldeman

Episode #259 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction features an interview with Hugo Award winning author Joe Haldeman. Mr. Haldeman talks about his writing and Joe's Place, his long running blog. He also discusses painting, insights gained as a writing teacher, and the political complexities of having a manned space program in contemporary America.

Fast Forward Jo Walton

In episode #290 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction we interview award winning author Jo Walton. Ms. Walton talks about her latest series of books, the Thessaly trilogy, describing the special challenges of creating a world that has classical gods and magic, as well as sentient robots. She also talks about the opportunities the books gave her to explore issues of morality, equality and responsibility, using the story of the creation and development of a version of Plato's Republic.

Fast Forward Kim Stanley Robinson

In episode 289 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson discusses his novels 2312 and Aurora. He talks about his treatment of the themes of serious ecological problems on Earth and humanity attempting to expand across the solar system (and beyond). Mr. Robinson also talks about what his 2016 Robert A. Heinlein award means to him, and offers a brief mention of his next book, New York 2140.

Fast Forward - Contemporary Science Fiction - Mindy Klasky

Award winning author Mindy Klasky is interviewed in this month's show. She talks about finishing up her recent three book "Jane Madison" series, and writing the first book in her new "As You Wish" series. She also talks about the process of dealing with Hollywood (her series has been optioned and is in development).

Fast Forward: Jennifer Allison

Episode #221 features an interview with author Jennifer Allison, who writes the popular Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator series of books. This episode was originally shown in March 2009.

Fast Forward - Contemporary Science Fiction - Michael Swanwick

This episode, originally shown in July, 2009, features an interview with award winning (and highly entertaining) author Michael Swanwick. He discusses his new non-fiction work, a biography of the fascinating but under-appreciated author Hope Mirrlees.

Fast Forward - Contemporary Science Fiction - Maria Snyder

Maria V. Snyder talks about her latest book, Storm Glass. This novel is the first in a new series set in the same universe as her very popular Study Book series.

Fast Forward - Contemporary Science Fiction - Catherine Asaro

We have three separate interviews - one with award winning author (and musician) Catherine Asaro, one with members of the rock band she is collaborating with, and one with a keyboardist who is helping Catherine take her book-related music on tour to science fiction conventions and book events. There is also a live performance of one of the musical numbers. All of this ties into Catherine's latest book, Diamond Star.