Creation Genesis and Origins - Revised King James Version

When the King James translation was produced in 1611, nothing was known of geology or cosmology. Anthropology was an unknown science, and the history of the ancient Near East has come to light only since the late 1800s. As a result the translators of the “Authorized Version” labored in a vacuum of mitigating evidence that would have helped them immensely. The result is that Genesis 1-11 in the KJV virtually is stuck in the 17th century. A Revised King James Version takes into account the historical background essential to understand the proper context within which the biblical characters lived and the events occurred. Only within the last 200 years has the scholarly world been in possession of the history of the ancient Near East written on cuneiform tablets inscribed in Akkadian and Sumerian languages. This new-found evidence could revolutionize how we understand Genesis as the legitimate history of the Semitic race from Adam to Abraham.

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