Community Kitchens

Community Kitchens

Host Roger Berle cooks with Steve Romanoff of Schooner Fare

Community Kitchens

Host Roger Berle cooks with "Survivor" winner Bob Crowley at his Maine Forest Yurts camp

Community Kitchens

Host Roger Berle cooks Opah with Chef Barton Seaver

Community Kitchens

Roger Berle cooks Fish Tacos with guest chef Nate Smith

Community Kitchens

Nina Murray of Mill Cove Baking Company and Jenn Stein of the Fork Food Lab talk about the lab's innovative approach to community cooking

Community Kitchens

Roger welcomes Maine Attorney General Janet Mills to his kitchen

Community Kitchens

ith Maine radio personality Willie Ritch cooks pasta with puttanesca sauce with host Roger Berle

Community Kitchens

Roger is joined in the kitchen by Tom Handel, Executive Director of Portland's Community Television Network, to make some vegetarian appetizers

Community Kitchens

Host Roger Berle cooks with guest chef and food writer Karen Watterson

Community Kitchens with guest chef Anne Pringle

Chef Anne Pringle welcomes Roger Berle to her West End home and prepares a Carrot Ginger Soup

Community Kitchens

Roger welcomes Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling who cooks up an old family favorite - Tuna Casserole

Community Kitchens - Alaska

Host Roger Berle takes an Alaskan cruise and talks with Adam Dickerson, Head Chef of the Admiralty Dream

Community Kitchens - August 2015

Roger Berle talks with guest chef Jason Lynch aboard the Nova Star ferry from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Portland

Community Kitchens

Join host Roger Berle aboard the Nova Star to Nova Scotia

Community Kitchens

Roger Berle cooks Sole Francais with guest chef David Gooch

Community Kitchens on Cliff Island with Jen Bloomquist

Seafood at its best with a spectacular view!

Community Kitchens with Venas Fizz

Join Roger Berle as he is treated to a couple "bitters" drinks prepared by Steve of Vena's Fizz House in Portland Maine

Community Kitchens with Maine Craft Distilling

Maine has a new business that is bringing the spirits back!

Community Kitchens with Waynflete Headmaster Geoffrey Wagg

Headmaster Geoffrey Wagg of Waynflete tantalizes our taste-buds with an amazing recipe of smoked ribs!

Community Kitchens - October 2013

This month's show our taste buds are tantalized with a twist on a salad and two amazing pizza's. What to learn how to make pizza? Sit back and watch.

Community Kitchens - Teen Battle Chef show 1

Roger Berle has the pleasure to work with young adults from LearningWorks of Portland Maine. As part of their curriculum they all have to attend culinary classes taught by Nick DeSouza of LearningWorks. Here is one of the two teams, Team Blue with their recipe.

Community Kitchens with Deb Elliot and F.Lee Bailey

Joining Roger Berle in the kitchen is guest chef Deb Elliot with F. Lee Bailey. F. Lee Bailey shares his stories while Deb cooks up one of his favorite veal dishes.

Community Kitchens with Bam Bam Bakery

Roger visits Bevin McNulty owner of Bam Bam Bakery to discover the art of making tasty bakery items gluten free. Since 2006, Bevin has strived to find delicious recipes to share with her patrons.

Community Kitchens - with the Baldacci's October 2012

This episode of Community Kitchens Roger Berle invites the Baldacci brothers, Bob Baldacci host of 'Baldacci on Business' and his brother, former Governor of Maine John Baldacci, to share a couple of their families favorite recipes.

Community Kitchens Lebanese Cuisine - May 2012

Joining Roger Berle in the kitchen today is Bob Baldacci and his cousin John Nale. Lebanese food is on the menu and they share four of their favorite recipes.

Community Kitchens - April 2012

Roger is joined by Jamaican chef Monica Abbott. She shares one of her favorite Jamaican seasoned fish and beans and rice dish. Yum!

Community Kitchens - with Sam Hayward

On today's episode of Community Kitchens, Candice ventures to the Fore Street Restaurant to sample a couple of Sam Hayward's seafood recipes; baked black sea bass and a shrimp appetizer.

Community Kitchens - with Anne Haskell Feb 2012

Roger Berle, host of Community Kitchens, is joined by Anne Haskell whipping up some quick last minute meals.

Community Kitchens - Empire Dine and Dance January 2012

This episode of Community Kitchens host Roger Berle ventures into the kitchen of the Empire Dine and Dance to meet with owner Bill Umble and chef Robin Pietila.

Community Kitchens with Emilitsa Greek Rustic Fare

In this episode of Community Kitchens we visit Emilitsa Greek Restaurant and meet with owners Deno and John and chef Nicco Regis. Nicco prepares a traditional recipe, Moussaka, made by layering eggplant with a spiced meat filling and topped off with a delicious creamy bechamel sauce. Deno, head chef shows us a simple but lovely appetizer along with a traditional greek salad.

Community Kitchens (Chellie Pingree)

Join host Roger Berle in the Hagge's kitchen on Munjoy Hill in Portland Maine with guest cook Congresswoman Shellie Pingree. Shellie demonstrates that a wholesome meal can be cooked in about 40 minutes for less than $5.00 per serving thus dismissing the need to venture out to a fast food service and pay much more!

Community Kitchens with Bob Baldacci

Candice Lee invites Bob Baldacci into her kitchen to share some of his families favorite recipes.

Community Kitchens - with Candice Lee

Host of Community Kitchens, Candice Lee, ventures to the Inn By The Sea in Cape Elizabeth Maine to meet up with Chef Mitchell Kaldrovich. Chef Kaldrovich prepares a special dish of fall vegetables with a healthy portion of hake with a citrus vinaigerette.

Community Kitchens

This episode of Community Kitchens Roger Berle joins Vesta Rand in her kitchen to share her recipe for a hearty trail snack.

Community Kitchens

In this episode of 'Community Kitchens' Roger Berle's guest chef, Ted Koffman, tantalizes our viewing audiences taste buds with his very own special lasagna recipe.

Community Kitchens 3/11

In this episode, we visit the kitchen of 'Girl Gone Raw' where Elizabeth Fraser tantalizes us with three of her yummy recipes.

Community Kitchens with Otto Pizza - January 2011

This segment of Community Kitchens you will meet the owners and staff of Otto Pizza and they will give you a tour of their business and share one of their pizza recipes.

Community Kitchens with Greg Marley November 2010

This addition of Community Kitchens features Greg Marley's Black Trumpet Mushroom and Chicken saute'. Greg is a professional who teaches people how to locate and harvest wild mushrooms. He has written two books on the subject and is one of the leading professionals looking into the medical use of many wild species.

Community Kitchens (Dennis Gilbert) October 2010

This episode of Community Kitchens brings us into the kitchen of Dennis Gilbert, professor from the University of Southern Maine. Dennis shares several of his favorite recipes for pancakes from crab pancakes to salmon/potato pancakes.

Community Kitchens (Chili Cook Off) Sept 2010

Community Kitchens host Roger Berle visited the Chili Cook Off at Scarborough Downs and sampled some of the recipes and spoke with the chefs about their recipe.

Community Kitchens August 2010

Roger Berle hosts this months show and visits Portland's West Ender, Anne Zill. She shows us two ways to make salad nicoise.

Community Kitchens April 2010

Chef Will Beriau from SMCC is this months guest on Community Kitchens.

Community Kitchens March 2010

The episode of Community Kitchens is hosted by guest host Roger Berle and has guest, Drew Masterman sharing his recipe for 'Georgia on My Mind - Sweet Potato Pie.' Yummy!

Community Kitchens February 2010

In this episode of Community Kitchens we go into the home of Tony Dominicus, owner of Bella Cheesecakes where he share his favorite recipe for an Italian style Cheesecake.

Community Kitchens January 2010

Candice Lee hosts this episode with chef Roger Berle

Community Kitchens

Cranberry Relish at the Rosemont Market in Portland, ME.

Community Kitchens

This time, Host Candice Lee takes us to Cliff Island in Maine to bake lemon squares with Nicky, an 11 year old famous for his baking skills.

Community Kitchens - August 09

Come with CTN into the homes of local residents to learn their favorite recipes and hear their stories.