Colour in your life

CIYL Frank Miles

Frank miles is one of the worlds leading bronze sculptures. He has a rich history in many countries and his work is sort all over the world. This is a fascinating show that illustrates a mans dedication to the natural world and his craft

CIYL Nick Broughton

Nick Broughton shows how to paint a surrealist scene using Acrylic and house paint in his studio in Australia. He paints the favelas of Rio and as a very Picasso like approach too his work a great show for a good laugh as well he is appearing on the popular Arts TV show Color in your life where Graeme Stevenson rides around the country speaking too Artists about their techniques ans seeing how they create their work

Colour In Your Life Episode: Adrienne Williams converted

Adrienne Williams treats Colour In Your Life to another vibrant and passionate episode showing us her unique take on the Australian Landscape

Colour In Your Life Episode: Sue Lederhose

We are all about Artists in their studios and taking you on a fabulous journey of Adventure, entertainment and education. Graeme Stevenson a world renowned Artist himself, rides his Harley Davidson to the studios of Artists all over the world and allows the viewers a chance to go into the Art studios of some of the greatest Artists in the world. A wonderfully engaging show that allows people to see inside the minds and the abilities of some of the most creative people in the world. If you love creativity and the shear joy of looking at the world through Art, then Colour in your life is the place too be.

A 0005 CIYL Leisa OBrien

Leisa O'Brien, paints wonderful scenes of the ocean from her beach studio here on the Gold Coast in Australia. She uses acrylic paints and canvas to create her wonderful water scenes. Her work with water is amazing and the show is a great joy too watch, a wonderful teacher and human being.

CIYL Series A Peter Mortimore

Peter Mortimore is one of the leading horse and saddle artists in the world. Graeme Stevenson interviews him in his studio. His pencil work is just amazing and a great character as well.

Colour In Your Life - Series B Kerry Thompson

Kerry Thompson an Artist who understands the meanings of Joy colour and life. Kerry was originally a vet and then went onto cartooning and illustrating books. She has a wonderful Philosophy towards life and exudes a great personal energy.