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Clean Green Living TV - Antique Cleaning Tools & More

In this episode, Leslie takes a field trip to a local antique store and finds antique cleaning tools that still work! The owner of Bernat Antiques gives us a little history lesson on how people used these tools in the late 18th and early 19th century. This show will make you appreciate your modern appliances.

CleanGreenLiving Organic Farming

In this episode of Clean Green Living, we visit a local organic farm and learn about pasture raised chickens and grass-fed cattle. We also learn about labeling and how it can be very deceiving. Wenona from Chocolog Farms in Uxbridge, MA educates us on what to look for and what to watch out for when trying to buy organic foods at the store.

Clean Green Living The Plight of the Honey Bee

Honey bees are facing attacks from mites as well as pesticides. In this episode we visit one of the testing sites for a Harvard University study that is looking at the effects of neonicotinoids on the bees as well as their link to a bee colony disorder called CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) We are fortunate to be able to talk with the facilitator of the study as well as a national bee expert who shows us the inside of a bee colony.

Clean Green Living Cool Technology For Your Home

In this episode I invited sponge manufacturer "BioBob" to come visit me and tell me some important things we should know about sponges. I'll also introduce you the new robot vacuum called bObsweep. And I'll give you a look inside a reverse osmosis water purifier that you should consider for your home.

Clean Green Living - Fix or Fail

Everyone loved looking at DIY tips on Pinterest. The pictures are beautiful and the ideas are unique. But do all those ideas really work. I put them to the test in this show. It's a fix or a fail - and if the Pinterest tips don't work, I give you a green alternative that I know really does work.

Clean Green Living with Leslie Reichert

Today on Clean Green Living, host Leslie Reichert is going to show you how to clean four different types of flooring and introduce you to a new segment called "cool tools".

Clean Green Living with Leslie Reichert Episode: 03

Learn quick tips and short cuts to keeping your kitchen clean and germ free

Clean Green Living with Leslie Reichert - Episode - 1

Join Leslie Reichert, the host of Clean Green Living, as she shows how to make your home look clean even when it's not, eight different ways to remove spots from your clothing and how to choose the right broom for your floors.