Classic TV Shows

Jack Benny - New Years Eve

Notice the relationship between Rochester and Benny in this episode. Watch the ending as they sit on the couch. I mean, this is the 1950's. Blacks and white didn't touch like that on TV, in fact, listen to the audience...they kind of gasp when Rochester sits down. They were ahead of their time and made strong and silent statements regarding human relationships.

Your Hit Parade

Blast from the past provided my Great Falls TV

Jack Benny Goes Christmas Shopping

Jack Benny says, "Christmas shopping gets worse every year," and that was in 1957. Watch him buy his friend, Don Wilson, a wallet that cost $40, and that was in 1957!

Charlie Chaplin - Charlies Recreation

Charlie Chaplin's 23rd film released August 13 1914

Andy Griffith Show - The Big House

Episode 32 from season 3: Barney deputizes Gomer when the Mayberry sherrif's office is called on to hold two bad guys captured by the state police.

Betty White Show

An episode of the NBC daytime show from December 1954.Pretty simplistic format,some singing,some light hearted banter.This episode is from Monday,which is wish day.Today,Betty grants the wish of Ralph Richardson,a 10 year old boy.

"Mister Ed" - Ed the Beneficiary

"Mister Ed" episode 'Ed the Beneficiary', which for unknown reasons has entered the public domain. The show was about a Man who was friends with a talking horse.

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet

David & The Mermaid

The Mickey Rooney Show Misc 11

The Mickey Rooney Show aka "Hey Mulligan"

I've Got a Secret - Episode with Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz

Episode of the Classic TV game show "I've Got a Secret" with Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz. Features original commercials for Winston Cigarettes, With the host and Desi Arnaz both plugging the product.

The Space Adventures of Flash Gordon

In this episode Flash learns that the survivors of the underworld kingdom that he thought he had destroyed in episode 35, "The Earth's Core," seek revenge on the "surface people.

The Outer Limits - Counterweight

Classic sci-fi TV series.

Andy Griffith The Pickle Story

The Andy Griffith Show 1961

The Beverly Hillbillies -3- Grannys Garden

Getting settled in Beverly Hills means Granny needs a garden.

Name that Tune

A class game show from the fifties. George DeWitt is host to contestants who think they can "Name That Tune". Complete with commercials.

Beverly Hillbillies - Getting Settled

The Clampetts start to learn about life in Beverly Hills.

Stamp Day For Superman

The Superman production company donated this special 18 minute episode to the US Treasury to help promote school stamp day savings plans to children.

Colgate Comedy Hour - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host

Aired: September 18, 1955 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host the season premiere of the series now titled The Colgate Variety Hour.

Mr Ed - Ed the Beneficiary

The show was about a Man who was friends with a talking horse.

The Beverly HillBillies - The Clampetts Strike Oil

This program is narrating a very poor family's move to Beverly Hills after finding an huge oil resource in their land and the challenges and funny situations they faced in California.