Citizens Commision on Human Rights

Citizens Commission on Human Rights - dangers of psychiatric marketing and drugs

This is probably the most important video of the Marketing of Madness series to show your audience. It exposes mental health screening as the key pharmaceutical marketing tool in grabbing your viewers' children through the public schools. These are the subjective screening tests used to push people onto drugs by making them question whether something may be wrong with them.

Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry's Infiltration of the Military, Part 1

Psychiatry's Plans to Target the Military as an Experimental Group

Dead Wrong: How psychiatric drugs can kill your child

If you're tired of the extreme and unethical psychiatric drug marketing to children, please download and play "Dead Wrong: How psychiatric drugs can kill your child" in order to show parents the other view. This tremendous docudrama covers the real lives of people who lost their children due to the effects of these dangerous drugs. The video also features several experts who put their careers and reputations on the line solely to protect children.