Childrens programming

Fairy Tale Access - Behind the Mirror

Every once in awhile, a book comes along that doesn't waste your time with useless information to build a scene. Sometime's they get it absolutely right and your imagination takes flight! With Author Fay Simon

Mr Lizarrrd and Albys Feat

Alby's show and tell contest and using old fashion ways of obtaining info aided in his feat/winning 3rd grade contest with teamwork/diligence and his pet chameleon.

FTA Circle The Sun

Every once in awhile a book comes along and gently takes you away to another space & place in time. The Things you'll discover and remember as you journey with us through the pages of Circle The Sun will amaze you!


Journey with HobbyKids to Biggest Egg Surprise,beware of Kryptonite at Ice Cave in Amazon Jungle.

Once Upon a Time - Once Adventure

Every show includes songs, reading and an activity based around a theme. This program's theme is Adventure.

Childrens Corner Happy Holidays part 2

In this episode, Sheriff Stephen J. gets a visit from Alphabet Chef Stephanie who makes gingerbread cookies and "The Midcoast Community Band" perform the songs: "A Fireside Christmas," "The Toy Trumpet," "The Saints Hallelujah" and "Sleigh Ride." This is part 2 of "Happy Holidays." The daily word of interest is: "Mellifluous." (words of interest are spelled and defined in each episode.)

Childrens Corner Happy Holidays part 1

In this episode, Sheriff Stephen J. gets a visit from Alphabet Chef Stephanie who makes Hot Cocoa and "The Midcoast Community Band" perform the songs: "A Canadian Brass Christmas," "Hanukkah Holiday," "Deck the Halls with Old Composers" and "O' Tannenbaum." This is part 1 of a continuing episode with the band playing more holiday music in part 2. The daily word of interest is: "Gelid." (words of interest are spelled and defined in each episode.)

USM Children Documentary Festival 2015

Documentaries made by children

Storytime at Carver Memorial Library Storytime Episode 8

Season 2 starts with the theme Colors. In this episode Ronda will read

Howdy Doody - October 1952

An episode of NBC's popular series "Howdy Doody". Complete with the original commercials.

Jake and the Giants

When Jake sees his mother and father kidnapped by Giants he leaves at once to rescue them.

5 Little Ducks Plus

Children's Songs Compilation From Little Baby Bum!

Storytime at Carver Memorial Library Episode 10

Episode 10's theme is Frogs. In this episode Ronda will read "One Frog Sang' by Shirley Parenteau Illustrated by Cynthia Jabar. Sing along with the song Ack Gunk Went the Little Green Frog One Day.

Alice In Wonderland 1933

Alice follows the rabbit down the hole again and this time she encounters Cary Grant and W.C. Fields.

Coyote and Boy Ben

A puppet show about a coyote and a boy.

Youth For Human Rights - All PSAs

Youth For Human Rights

Beginners Bible for Kids - Jonah

Christian religious program for children.

Alice in Wonderland 1915

This version of Alice In Wonderland was directed by W W Young in 1915.

The Curious Adventures of Mr. Wonderbird

Based on a story by Hans Christian Anderson (The Sheperdess & the chimney-Sweep), Mr. Wonderbird (Sir Peter Ustinov) tells the story of two lovers who flee their two dimensional painting and are then hunted by a mean-spirited King.

Cosmos war of the planets

A spaceship intercepts a mysterious message and then crashes on the planet the message is being sent from. There they uncover a force that threatens to take over the Earth.

Space Transformer

Cartoon for kids - anime sci fi

The Groovenians

Kids discover a place that's so hip you can be anything you want to be there: Groovenia.

Charlottes Web

Feature length animated movie of a children's classic.

Howdy Doody Artistic Masterpiece

An artistic masterpiece from the early 1950's, this episode of "Howdy Doody" comes from the 1st of April, 1952. As such, the episode starts with a practical joke which probably annoyed many people. This episode also contains lots of advertising for the sponsors, including Colgate Dental Cream and Kellogg's cereal.

Wacky Factory 8

WCCA TV 13's children's program featuring the segments Mop Therapy and a Wacky Factory interpretation of Hanzel and Gretel. The show is written, directed and produced by Eric Glass.

Wacky Factory show 7

Featuring the segments: The Abercrombies, Football Hero, Rose Rodeo, Oldest Man in the World, As the Bubble Pops

1954 Episode of The Pinky Lee Show

1954 episode of "The Pinky Lee Show", a kids program. Very fast-paced.

Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse Productions - 14 Guided by a Star

This moving historical musical brings history to life in a magical night for the whole family. An original musical written by Peggy Pettit, directed by John Fleming with music by Tucki Bailey, in which quilt patterns and blues music are joined in a theatrical telling of the Underground Railroad.

The premier of Wormtown

From Eric Glass, the producer of the Wacky Factory, comes Wormtown, An edgy, sketch comedy show for 14-18 year viewers.

The Wacky Factory show 6

The Wacky Factory is a program featuring young talent from the Worcester area. Show 6 includes the segments Clam Shake, Pie Time and The 5 O'clock Snews.

Seth Martin and Friends

Outside his home Seth is, well, not really good for anything. But when he comes home and enters his parent's basement, his imagination comes to life! What can happen in this world of characters? You'll just have to watch to find out...

The Wacky Factory show 2

This show features the segments Driving Teacher Crazy, the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show, and more.

Lego Star Wars

Boat Captain Thorne Sherman and his black sidekick, "Rook" Griswold (played by an actor named John Henry Dupree, whose nickname was 'Judge" but he was not a judge), arrive to deliver supplies to a remote and isolated island, inhabited by a scientist, his daughter and his aides. Sherman soon learns that the scientist and company have created out-of-control, flesh-eating, monstrous giant shrews. A hurricane hits and all the stranded humans become either meals for or meal-targets for the shrews.

The Wacky Factory 4

The Wacky Factory, a WCCA TV13 children's program, show 4 features the segments Pretty Baby, Band of Pirates and Embarrassed Honor Student. The Wacky Factory is Written and produced by Eric Glass.

Scotty & Lulu - Kiddy Keep Fit

Scotty and Lulu and the HK Happy Crew perform Kiddy Keep Fit at the APA Amphitheatre in Hong Kong

Rise of the Guardians Part 3

Jack Frost learns he is a guardian from the moon.

Rise of the Guardians Part 2

Jack Frost learns he is a guardian from the moon.

Rise of the Guardians Part 1

Jack Frost learns he is a guardian from moon.

Namaste Yoga 8 - Kids Yoga with Guest

A treat for all the young Yogis! This week's class has a guest instructor, Mai Meret and is specifically designed and presented for children from ages 6-9.

Raggedy Ann Learns A Lesson

Raggedy learns a lesson about asking permission first.

kids Break

This is the 1984 Emmy Award winning children's show for Washington, DC.

Kids Show

A discussion with two children about the effects of cartoons.

Kids on the Move Live

A concert of Christian music for kids.

Martha Speaks

LeVar’s favorite pooch, “Luke,” steps to the forefront and takes over the show. Students get a dog’s eye view of life and get to meet some incredible canine daredevils who prove that a dog is truly a kid’s best friend—no bones about it!

Unique Monique

The subject aims to stimulate the urge to discover, and initiates youngsters into the wonderful world of travel

Fulldome Show - The Adventures of Victor and Garu

The subject aims to stimulate the urge to discover, and initiates youngsters into the wonderful world of travel.

Fresh Beat - Keeping It Green

What a perfect day

Top English Nursery Rhyme Songs

Popular nursery rhymes animated and set to music

Fresh Beat Band - Zydeco Music Parade

The Fresh Beat Band get ready to play on a float in a parade.

Fresh Beat Band - Cool Pool Party

The Fresh Beat Band goes to a pool party.

Fresh Beats - Hoop Dreams

This episode of a musical entertainment series for children focuses on basketball.

Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!

Musical Children's entertainment

Boogah and the Fibosaurus

This is the pilot episode for the kids TV series "Boogah & Hoogah's Haunted HouseParty".