The Bugs & Debbie Green Show

Bugs and Debbie Greene Show - Show 8 - Fortune Special

?Bugs & Debbie Greene are Musicians from Newfoundland Canada,they are featured on this show in Fortune NL,with great music, beautiful scenery of the area its people.

The Bugs and Debbie Greene Show - May 2018

Bugs & Debbie Greene are from Newfoundland Canada,they play and sing every week on their Tv Show across Canada,and now for you in Maine.. With their foot stomping music,guest entertainers and beautiful footage of eastern Canada. This Show starts near the former US Base in Stephenville NL & a snowmobile ride in Western NL, also a visit to Halifax NS. ?

Bugs and Debbie Greene Show - Show 7

?Bugs & Debbie Greene of Newfoundland Canada will give you another tour of their province with great music,and a look at our Cabin Party's.

Bugs & Debbie Green - Show 3

Another show of Newfoundland folk music

Bugs Green Show - Show 2 - Shoal Bay

This edition of this musical series from Newfoundland comes from Shoal Bay.

The Bugs and Debbie Greene Show - Show 1

Irish and Canadian music set to the landscape of Newfoundland.