Bongo Boy Rock n Roll

Bongo Boy TV - Season 6 Ep6 Good Music in Meda

Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep6 - Good Music In Media - Music Video Television Show. Tapping into a nervous, chaotic energy reminiscent of the Talking Heads is Room Full of Strangers' "Modern Media". Clever insight is paired with frantic rhythms in a wonderful display of color. By opting for such a style the song reflects upon the over-saturation of media and its constant barrage of information.

Bongo Boy TV - The Mystic Hangs Around The Heart

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show - Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep5 - The Mystic Hangs Around The Heart Genre: Open Produced by Gar Francis and Monique Grimme

Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep4- Red Love- Music Video TV Show

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll Show Season 6 Ep4 - Red Love Music Video Television Show. Music Videos

Bongo Boy TV - Superpower - Music Video TV Show

Anana Kaye - CAROLINA, RI EMELINE - ANGEL, CA Tyler Colt - COME HOME, Waheed Ahmad - BOOM!

Bongo Boy TV No1088 "Feel The Music" Music Videos TV Show

S5:Ep1088 | FEEL THE MUSIC is the next TV episode in the TV series that brings music video television to you! Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show premiers on National Television this August. Music Videos by: Belle Vex - FAMOUS | The Young Presidents - LONER | Turner Jackson Love - RED PLASTIC CUP | Michael Resin ft Benjamin Karmer - FALLING | Waheed Ahmad ft Cassani & Sadiyah - CAN U FEEL | Inches From Sin - I'VE SEEN BETTER DAYS | Cheap Perfume - BOYS. Sponsored TV Spots by: Out Of The Garage Volume Two Lisa Coppola - Backroom Blues Volume Series Bongo Boy TV - Giving Every Artist A Change To Be On TV

Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep1 - CHOSEN - Music Video TV Show

Season 6 Ep 1 Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show - Ep CHOSEN - 7 Music Videos by Kristine Mirelle, Raftree, Rosalee, HOTEi, Iggy Pope, Anana Kaye, Irakli Gabriel, Cassani, Waheed Ahmad and Deborah Henriksson

Bongo Boy TV No1086 Adventure Awaits 6 New Music Videos

Music Videos by Gabi Sklar, The Dead Daisies, The Kut, Les Fradkin, Jay Gudda and and Chickahominy Vibe.

Bongo Boy TV - The Freedom of Music

Rock Road Rebels, Collette Kavanagh, 7th Break, Trip To Dover, Jonathan Cavier and Rev. Peter Unger

Bongo Boy TV No1095

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV show Ep1095 Music Videos by Valient Thorr, Colette Kavanagh, Conceptz, Katie Garibaldi, Ysanne ft ZanZclan and Spoken Life . Grammy sponsors Indus Raag 2 -Karachi Concerts, Suzanne Grzanna - "Daybreak", Matthew Mayer - ART, Lynn Yew Evers - "Finding You", Suzanne Grazanna "Wedding Day" and Don Grazanna "Paris Connection".

Bongo Boy - Bringing Music

Music Videos From Around The World. 7 new music videos by: The Nut Drivers, Xavier Toscano, Yona Pax, FLINTface, London Ellis, Deborah Henriksson and Zombie Garden Club.

Bongo Boy TV No1070 - CONCEPTZ All Work, No Play

Bongo Boy TV No1070 - Conceptz "All Work, No Play" The Guide To Successs For Emerging Artist. Sit down interview with Conceptz a popular Hip Hop Duo from NY, that is making a break through in the Independent music world. With 2 Billboards Top 100 Singles, Grammy Awards® consideration and 3 music video in rotation Internationally. Hosted by Miss Twitty.

Bongo Boy TV No1077 - 7 new Music Videos - Love Tower

Bongo Boy Rock n ' Roll TV Show Ep1077 Indie Music Videos From Around The World Episode title "Love Tower" includes 7 music videos by the Wild Fruit, Rozii C, Michael Resin, B.Bless, The Whitaker Brothers, Hella Donna and Secret Wish

Bongo Boy TV No1078 - 7 Music Videos Like MTV "Music Is On"

New from The Hague, The Netherlands Voglare and the latest music video “Torque It Up”.

Bongo Boy TV No1069 - Ahead Of The Curve

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Ep1069 Indie Music Videos From Around The World "Ahead Of The Curve" Line up: From Los Angeles, Ca, Sean van der Wilt and his latest music video "WET" Paula Boggs Band is back Ft. J. Pinder and her latest music video "Looking Straight Ahead" From Switzerland Bongo Boy Records Asia artist Michael Resin and his latest music video 'Along The Roads" from his album Emotion SIckness. From Austin, TX Victoria Celestine is back with her newest music video "Wasted Tears" . Also from Los Angeles is Marina V and her music video "Speak" Betty Chrys from Switzerland is back on the show with her music video Souviens -Toi Also this episode features 2 new Bongo Boy Records Asia releases by Secret Lie and their album Beautiful Wild Rose and Michael Resin latest album TV spot Emotion Sickness.

Bongo Boy TV - Bring It This Season

Plainfield Slim - Another Mule In The Barn with Courtesy footage of the France cars called the Citroen.

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll - Never Too Late - Indie Music Videos

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV show presents Indie Music Videos From Around The World. Ep1063 "Never Too Late" Secret Lie - Beautiful Wild Rose from the self-titled upcoming album release on Bongo Boy Records Asia.

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll - Dance To The Rhythm

Starting off this episode is Los Angeles, CA’s St. James Band with “Always Be With You”. A melodic modern rock song with a mid-90s vibe featuring warm instrumentation and rich vocal harmonies, St. James Band sound both fresh and classic.

Bongo Boy TV - Working Hard For My Music

The first winning video is “Party Life” from Lucky, an artist originally from Baltimore, MD who now makes his home in Atlanta, GA.

Bongo Boy TV: There Is More Out There

The international flavor of this episode will expose our US viewers to some of the best Indie Acts from across the pond! You'll be surprised!

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll - Going To The 58th Grammys

This episode is presented with Independent music videos by artists that are considered for the 58th Grammys.

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll - What About You

Languid, emotional, and dramatic is what sums up Orlando Florida Native Shayla Leighs’ video ‘Last Criminal’. The melody is intoxicating to say the least and compiled with vintage black & white scene shots it brings the entire Dramatic ‘Greta Garbo’ style experience into play. Beautiful film!

Bongo Boy TV - Hopeful

We begin this episode with the titillating voice of French-born Betty Chrys with her song 'Dis-Moi' (meaning 'Tell Me') featured in a video of 'confessions'.

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll - Got Music

Opening this episode is JMAXX, from Durban, South Africa, with his new video, “Sassy Girl” that features some beautiful ladies dressed to kill. This track has electro-pop, dance and dubstep all in one tight, electrifying package! The effects are unbelievable!

Bongo Boy TV - 1051 - Black and Purple

From Switzerland record label The Team Pool Label we present Betty Chrys ft Michael Resin – Intouchable. A brand new music video by vocalist Betty Chrys.

Bongo Boy TV No1049

This episode we present 5 winning music videos which were selected out of thousands of entries through Reverbnation high technology platform and email blast and social media promotions.

Bongo Boy Rock N' Roll TV Show - Kings and Heroes

Kicking off this episode, from the Music City of Nashville, is Zombie Garden Club with their new video, “Burn” , with that 60's Psychedelic/Garage sound, heavy on guitar riffs, fat bottom and pounding percussion, that is making a big comeback in the national music scene.

Bongo Boy TV - We Are All Winners

Included in this episode are 2 Indie Music Video contest winners.

Bongo Boy TV- So Much Joy Inside

The Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show presents Indie Music Videos from Around The World with 7 Indie Music Videos by International recording artists.

Bongo Boy TV - Lucky Seven

presents Indie Music Videos from Around The World

Bongo Boy Indie Music Videos from Around The World

Music Videos from Around The World

Bongo Boy TV - Indie Music Videos from Around The World

Non Stop Music Video From Around The World

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show No.1035

Indie Music Videos from around The World

Bongo Boy TV No1034

From Tualatin, Oregon, Candice Russell and her brand new music video “So Much More”.

Bongo Boy TV

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Presents Indie Music Videos from Around The World

Bongo Boy TV No1032

Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show No.1032 - Presents 7 awesome Indie Music Videos from Around The World.

Bongo Boy TV 1031

Radio Drive, featuring Kevin Gullickson are back for another week with 'A Taste Of Heaven'.

Bongo Boy TV No1030

The episode features exciting music videos by seven Indie Artists from around the world.

Bongo Boy TV No1029

It's a music orientated TV series that educates the viewers about upcoming indie artists and their quest to greater success. The show is dedicated to exposing the arts to new and old fans alike by featuring original music videos, Art, Indie Trailers, and history from different cultures with each new show.