Ask Ralph and Lahni

Ask Ralph and Lahni - Essential Oils

For centuries the essences of plants have been some of the most valuable materials in the world. That is because they have near miraculous properties. Going far beyond just being a pretty scent, the essential oils in many plants are powerful healing tools. Drs. Ralph & Lahni have worked with essential oils for many decades and this fun, practical talk explains how to easily and safely use them to improve your quality of life and overall health.

Indoor Pollution, The Hidden Danger

Every year chemical companies create new compounds to use in our homes and work places, whether for building materials, cleansers or personal care products. These are sold to the public with either no previous testing for their safety, or isolated testing where the compound is not combined with any of the thousands of other chemicals that it will share the space with.

Ask Ralph and Lahni - Hormonal Balancing, The Power of Identity

Hormones are most powerful material, by weight, in the human body and today's diets and environments are playing havoc with many people's ability to maintain a healthy hormonal balance. For the first episode of this series Drs. Ralph & Lahni address an issue that consider to maintaining great health in a modern world, a healthy hormone system. Considering the toxicity of many of the synthetic hormone replacements for both men and women, natural solutions are vitally important. Luckily there are powerful plants available to resolve this issues without the toxic side effects. They also discuss dietary strategies that feed the hormonal system. This is not rocket surgery, this is just good hormonal nutrition.